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-quality professional aluminium t-bar winwash

-suitable for domestic and commercial cleaning

-build from rust free aluminium components

-it will fit all 35 cm winwash standard covers

-very light, ergonomic and very durable product

Winwash T-Bar Review

Mineral stains, sticker residue, insect waste, dust, tree sap- all sorts of grime ends up on windows. Over time, it becomes difficult to see out of the glass or for light to get in. This ruins the comfort of your home and takes away the elegance of your business premises. The soiling comes in the way of you enjoying the view outside your offices or home, and the ruined curb appeal damages your image when clients come over to your business premises or guests drop by at your house. For realtors and properly managers, the state of the windows is a determinant factor in whether or not buyers and tenants will be interested in the retail, office or residential space. It's a sign of whether the building is well taken care of. Those smudges also cause unsightly shadows to be cast onto the interior space, which irks and frustrates you. As such, window cleaning is a vital component of the maintenance of any establishment. For it to be effective, you want to be armed with the appropriate tools. Equipment that will take the struggle away from the process, and enable you to get the glass sparkly clean in moments. That's where supplies like the Winwash T-Bar come in.

Why You Should Invest In The Winwash T-Bar

1. Durable

The Winwash T-Bar is built to last for multiple window cleaning sessions. Its aluminium structure can withstand heavy use for both residential and commercial window cleaning needs. That way, you get to reduce your establishment’s cleaning and maintenance budget. For cleaning companies, this is welcome news since you want tools that can be trusted to deliver as you serve your numerous clients on a daily basis. The Winwash T-Bar is up to the task. The plastic handle that can be gripped for those short windows or fit into the extension pole for the larger and hard-to-reach windows, enabling you to have a sturdy build that can be used for multiple window cleaning sessions.

2. Versatile

The Winwash T-Bar is compatible with the red/white stipe sleeves, and the polar standard sleeves. This gives you more room for flexibility, as you can have different sleeves for different windows in the building, but work with them using the same Winwash T-Bar. When attached to the extension pole, it can reach those high-rise windows, making the cleaning process easy.

3. Protects the sleeves

Window cleaning is a regular activity, and you want your equipment to last long. The Winwash T-Bar has a robust frame that protects the sleeves being used from wear.

4. Ergonomic

You want equipment that is easy to use for your window cleaning process to be a breeze. You get that with the Winwash T-Bar. First, it’s lightweight, so you won’t be expending much energy when using it across the windows. Secondly, its handle is easy-to-grip, which comes in handy when fixing it to the extension pole, especially when your hands are wet so you won’t have to keep stopping to dry them whenever you’re changing sleeves.

5. Cost effective

The Winwash T-Bar is suitably priced to enable you meet your window cleaning needs without straining your budget. In addition, since it’s compatible with multiple sleeves and extension poles, you get to reduce the costs you incur on your cleaning supplies. 

Aluminium T-Bar Winwash
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