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Whiskey Wood Stain

Whiskey Wood Stain

-a medium brown oil based wood stain from Tover

-suitable for enhancing the look of white wood floors

-to be applied with a towel cloth or a low speed buffer

-suitable for commercial and domestic staining jobs

-to be overcoated with a two pack floor lacquer/sealer

-will cover around 20 to 30 square meters of floor

-to be used on floors, furniture, doors, frames, handles

-unique, affordable, quick drying wood stain from Tover

-to be applied over unsealed or new wood surfaces

Whiskey Wood Stain - Why Whiskey 

Tover sells some of the most unique and beautiful wood stains. Besides having unique looks, Tover wood stains can be easily used by most people without any special training. Whiskey Wood Stain is right at the top of peoples' preferences because it looks amazing, it dries nearly instantly and it can transform low quality wood surfaces into fancy looking wood surfaces. The Whiskey Wood Stain is mostly used to stain commercial wood floors and furniture. It looks amazing when sealed with Tover Idrolak DR 97 Semi Gloss

Whiskey Wood Stain - Where to use

In a few words, wherever you want. As long as the wood surface that you plan to stain is solid or semi solid, you can stain it. From our customers reviews, we can tell you that most people use this high quality wood stain to stain commercial wood floors like pubs, restaurants, libraries, reception rooms, etc. Many people also use the Whiskey Wood Stain to stain old wood furniture. It will finish your wood surface in a unique undecided colour that will be a conversation piece.

Whiskey Wood Stain - How to use

You can only stain items or floors manufactured from real wood. Do not use any wood stain on laminate floors. First of all, you will need to assess the surface and see if there is a sealer on it. If the surface is sealed, you will need to remove the sealer in full before staining it. The wood stain has to penetrate the wood fully to be able to change the colour. For smaller sanding projects you can just use a manual sander but for larger wood floors, you will need to hire some professional floor sanding equipment.

If the surface is sealant free, dry, dust free and clean, you can start staining it. You will need a cloth and some gloves. Stir the tin well to mix up the colour evenly and soak the cloth in the stain. Start rubbing it on the wood going along the fibre. Some areas will absorb more while other areas will absorb less. After the whole surface is stained, go over one more time to level up all uneven patches. Any wood stain excess has to be fully removed. It will take around 3-8 hours for the wood stain to dry. Now you are ready for sealing it.

Whiskey Wood Stain - Coverage area

If you are planning to use a cloth to stain the surface, you will achieve somewhere around 20 to 30 sq meters per 1L. If you are using a low speed floor buffer and a white pad, you will achieve around 50 sq meters per 1L. Regardless of the way you plan to use the wood stain, when using Tover wood stains, you are sure to achieve the best possible coverage area.

Whiskey Wood Stain

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