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Zirconia Blue Belts – 250 x 750mm / 40 Grit

  • Brand: Hermes
  • Product Code: 2413
  • Availability: In Stock


- top of the range sanding belts suitable for commercial & domestic

- suitable for sanding all types of solid and solid wood surfaces

- our sanding belts (hermes) are made from quality oxide aluminium 

- the 40 grit sanding belt is suitable for renoving glue, paint, finishes

- Zirconia Blue Belts - 250 mm x 750 mm - 40 Grit 



Zirconia Blue Belts- Perks Of The 40 Grit Belt

When it comes to intense sanding, it goes without saying that smaller grit sizes are the best. You want power and efficiency. With grits and sanding, it’s an inverse relationship, where the smaller the number the greater the roughness that can be handled. The larger particles ensure fast and effective removal of all layers that it comes into contact with. This is especially useful when dealing with hard surfaces or those with multiple layers. As a result of this undeniable effectiveness, the Zirconia Blue Belts- 250 x 750 mm / 40 grit sanding belt is one of the best sanding belts today. With the many different unique applications and great benefits, it is not so hard to see why. Below are a few of these.

Benefits To Look Forward To With The Zirconia Blue Belts- 250 X 750 Mm / 40 Grit

1. It offers wider variety of application options

With Zirconia sanding belts, courser belts are a lot more versatile. This is the case especially when it comes to use on metallic surfaces. Whether you are working on a titanium machine body or high grade aluminium on an aeroplane surface, you can rest assured that the Zirconia Blue Belts – 250 x 750mm / 40 Grit sanding belt will be more than up for the task.

2. It is very effective on both hard wood and metal

The Zirconia Blue Belts – 250 x 750mm / 40 Grit sanding belts are more often than not used on metal. However, unlike courser belts, they can safely be used on hard wood without risk of damage to the surface through streaks and swirls. This effectiveness on wood further widens the range of applications that you have to look forward to with the Zirconia Blue Belts – 250 x 750mm / 40 Grit sanding belt.

3. 40 grit is less likely to leave scratch marks on different surfaces

One of the biggest challenges of working with a low grit size sanding belt is the fact that you risk doing more harm than good. With the Zirconia Blue Belts – 250 x 750mm / 40 Grit belt however, this is not something you have to worry about as the grains are not large enough to cause significant damage. It is, however, very important to monitor pressure applied especially over more delicate surfaces.

4. The grains are durable

The size of the grain makes them strong and as a result resistant to damage due to constant friction and pressure. This makes Zirconia Blue Belts – 250 x 750mm / 40 Grit sanding belts very durable. That way, you can enjoy the services from this tool for a very long time without having to keep replacing the belt.

5. They are effective for crude sanding over strong surfaces

Finally, the Zirconia Blue Belts – 250 x 750mm / 40 Grit sanding belt is perfect for initial sanding over strong surfaces like metal. The particles ensure fast and efficient layer stripping making it easier for finer particles to effectively smoothen out the surface during finishing.

Unique applications of the 40 grit belt

- High intensity sanding on metallic surfaces

- Paint stripping on automobiles

- Removal of rust

- Metal moulding during machinery manufacture and repair.

- Hard wood sanding for carpentry or crafts.


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