ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves

ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves

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Product Description

ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves

-blue nitrile gloves suitable for domestic & light commercial use

-sold in packs of 100 gloves, powder free nitrile gloves from ASAP

-much better quality than similar gloves from other glove brands

-affordable, durable, cost effective, blue, reusable nitrile gloves

-next day delivery guaranteed anywhere in Ireland (mon to fri)

ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves For Protection And Comfort

When purchasing nitrile gloves, different factors are considered. Firstly, there’s the intended purpose. There are industrial-grade and medical grade gloves. The former is used in applications ranging from janitorial services to those in the automotive industry. The medical-grade alternative is designed for protection from blood-borne and environmental pathogens, plus the assortment of chemicals that are handled in medical facilities. Next is the size and colour. You want a unit that will fit your hand properly. Going for one that is too small will impede functionality and one that is too big will result in snagging. Powder is also a factor. There are both kinds: powdered and powder-free nitrile gloves. The powder-free alternatives come with a polymer or chlorinated finish. The role of the finish is to enable easy wearing and removal of the glove, avoiding the mess that is associated with powdered versions.

For colour, blue is commonly used for nitrile gloves- especially for the medical-grade units, differentiating them from the others that have been constructed using latex. Glove thickness also weighs in. Here, you want a glove that will provide optimal protection from the substances and chemicals that you will be handling. The thicker the gloves, the more the protection. However, the thickness also affects the dexterity. For instance, for those in the foodservice industry where you will be using the gloves for 8 hours a day, then thinner gloves would be more ideal, in order to prevent your hands from getting too tired. On the other hand, for tattoo artists, painters and similar jobs where the risk of punctures is high, then getting thicker gloves is preferred.  With the finish and texture, the focus is on the grip that is provided. When the pair of gloves has a textured finish, you get more grip, which is vital especially when you’ll be dealing with wet situations.  

What You Get From The ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves

  • Superior puncture resistance

When working with needles, punctures are top concern. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’re administering an injection to a patient, or drawing a tattoo on your customers, and the needle being used puncturing your skin. That would result in the transmission of bloodborne pathogens, and you cannot afford to take the risk. The risk of the accidental needlestick is prevalent in the medical community with the health care workers being the most directly affected, and other groups like maintenance workers, correctional service officers, caregivers in nursing homes. Nitrile, which clocks a puncture resistance of multiple times that of latex, has become the go-to choice of material for gloves used in these professionals. The ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves come with a high puncture resistance and are enhanced durability, offering the barrier of protection needed whether you're carrying out tasks in medical facilities, or you’re serving your clients in beauty parlours and tattoo centres.  The ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves are also suitable for the emergency responders, laboratory workers and veterinarians. 

  • Protection from chemicals and bodily fluids

In labs, as you test samples and prepare reagents, you may be exposed to accidental splashes and spills. You don’t want those chemicals coming into contact with your skin. These range from acids that can cause immediate burns, to organic solvents that can permeate into the skin, and affect body tissues. The strength of the ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves enables you to be protected from the chemicals encountered during the day-to-day operations, including aspects such as overspray from the dispensing devices that are being used, and during those situations when you’re handling biohazard substances.  Since they are disposable you won’t be forced to keep washing and reusing them. Once each unit has served its purpose, simply slip it off and dispose of it into the appropriate bin. Speaking of which, remember to segregate the waste disposal based on the substances that were being handled. For instance, if the gloves were being worn as a precaution during general usage and didn’t get contaminated, then they can be disposed of into the regular bin. However, if they come into contact with hazardous chemicals, or you were dealing with bodily fluids, then they should be disposed of in the bins that specifically handle that particular type of waste. 

  • Ultra-soft

The chlorination that the nitrile gloves are taken through during production reduces the tackiness, in turn making the material softer. This increases the comfort level during usage. The ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves also conform to the shape of the hand. That way, you get a fit that is comfortable and feels natural. The body heat will warm up the gloves, and the activated monomers of the material will make the pair of ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves take up the shape of your hand. This further makes it more convenient when handling the different equipment, ensuring that your fingers have the flexibility needed for the task, and that your precision is not affected. To know the particular size of glove that is suitable to you, test a few samples, which should have a snug fit on the hand. They should mimic the natural shape and size of the hand. To be sure that you have the correct size, there should not be any additional material that is over the fingertips. You should feel comfortable wearing them. If your hands feel extremely tired and fatigued after the workday, it will be because an incorrect size was used. 

The ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves are ambidextrous. Here, any unit can be used on either hand. That way you won’t spend time struggling to find a matching pair for your right or left harm. Simply take out any 2 units from the box, slip them on, then proceed with the task at hand. 

These gloves are versatile, and can be used in various areas. including examination and surgery, protecting doctors, nurses and surgeons and other health care professionals from cross-contamination. The health workers get to be shielded from the potentially infectious bodily fluids that they encounter, while also protecting the patients that are being attended to. They are even used in nursing homes and similar facilities, providing the caregivers with high levels of protection. The ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves are also used in research and development facilities, such as in their laboratories when samples are being handled, protecting the wearer against the chemicals that they are coming into contact with. 

  • Superior tactile sensitivity

Due to the delicate nature of the jobs here, optimal tactile sensitivity is required. This is the capacity to feel the shapes, textures, sizes and other aspects of the tools and surfaces by touch, and detecting changes in them. The ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves have also been designed to offer optimal dexterity when worn. That way the staff will not feel like the gloves are interfering with their work, which would have made them take off the gloves and put themselves at risk. With the textured fingertips of the ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves the individual’s grip is also enhanced. That way objects being handled aren’t dropped, and mishaps when handling samples and fragile equipment are avoided.

The gloves themselves are safe to use. They have zero toxic substances, meaning that your hands are free from risk. Remember to replace the disposable gloves at the appropriate time. When they get contaminated by bodily fluids, chemicals that you come into contact with, or biohazards- take them off after the task and replace them. Also ensure that you avoid touching those common surfaces like doorknobs and elevator buttons with contaminated gloves. 

Hygiene is a priority during the production process, and the ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves are First Touch® manufactured. The entire process, including the examining and packaging, is carried out with zero direct skin contact. This means that the end-user, be it the doctor or nurse, vet, or even tattoo artists taking out the pair of gloves from the packing box will be the first one to come into direct contact with them.

  • Avoiding latex allergies

The conventional latex gloves have one major drawback: the allergies that they cause. This is triggered by the body’s immune system reacting to the latex protein of the natural rubber products. Healthcare workers and the patients that they attend to are at a higher risk of being affecting. Exposure to the latex can be directly through the skin when the gloves are worn, or even through inhalation due to the powder that comes in some of the gloves, which gets airborne while carrying the latex proteins, which then get into the body. The reactions vary. Take irritant contact dermatitis for instance. This is caused by the continued exposure to the chemicals that are in the latex gloves, which results in dryness, scaling, itching, and burning of the skin- no one likes that level of discomfort while carrying out your tasks. Allergic contact dermatitis, on the other hand, is a delayed reaction attributed to the chemical and additives used during the processing of latex products. This results in symptoms similar to the irritant contact dermatitis, though in this case the reactions are more severe, spreading to different parts of the body and lasting for much longer. In fact, the symptoms can remain for days after exposure to the latex product. Immediate allergic reaction, also referred to as latex hypersensitivity, has serious ramifications. It can manifest in different modes, from hives and conjunctivitis, incessant itching, nasal allergy where the symptoms resemble hay-fever, and in adverse cases there will be increased heartbeat, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, low blood pressure, all through to anaphylactic shock, which is a life-threatening emergency. Allergies to latex worsen the longer one comes into contact with them. When it comes to medical personnel who use gloves on a daily basis, you don’t want to be at such a risk. ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves come in as a safe alternative, enabling you to continue carrying out your mandate without the associated risks of latex products.  

  • Powder-free gloves

Powders in the traditional gloves result in different kinds of trouble.  Take superficial infections for instance. Glove powder can result in a reduction in the resistance to infection, while also creating an environment for contamination. What’s more, when used in conditions like surgical operations, the introduction of foreign bodies (the powder in this case) to the body tissue can result in adverse reactions. There is also the risk of delayed healing of wounds and adhesion formation at the surgical site due to the powder. Even the examination process gets affected. For instance, the powder can contaminate the tools being used, from microscopes to endoscope cameras, making them a nuisance when carrying out the tests. no one is also fond of the powder deposits getting onto their clothes, making a mess each time they are donned or doffed. The conventional latex gloves use the powders to make them easier to wear, but this comes with such drawbacks during the medical operations. However, nitrile gloves use approaches such as polymer coating to achieve the same effect to enable one to quickly put on the gloves, without creating the resultant mess. This makes the ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves convenient to use, reducing the burden of your workload.

  • Easy on your budget

With workers in the medical facilities or beauty industry using dozens of pairs of disposable gloves on a daily basis, you want an economical choice that will not have your costs going through the roof.  The demand has been on an increase, due to the rise in safety concerns during day-to-day operations. You want high-quality units that will ensure worker safety without straining your budget. With the ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves, price has also been factored in, and they come at affordable costs. The packaging itself is convenient, with each box containing 100 units, and a carton of the product having 10 boxes. Due to the long shelf life of the ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves, you can make bulk purchases, enabling you to make more savings in the long-term. 

ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves For Protection And Comfort


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