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Amtico Maintainer

-neutral amtico floor cleaner and maintainer

-safe to use on sealed and unsealed floors

-cleans and enhances all polished surfaces

-to be diluted 1 to 100 before use, low perfume

Amtico Maintainer was designed to safely clean and remove most types of general dirt and residue from amtico floors. This is a highly concentrated floor cleaning product that needs to be diluted to be used. Amtico Maintainer is a low PH floor cleaning product that is safe and recommended to be used on most types of floors, sealed and unsealed.

Amtico Maintainer – How to dilute

Dilute 1 part of Amtico Maintainer with 100 parts of warm water. Do not overuse to avoid unnecessary wastage of cleaning products and extra expense. You can use Amtico Maintainer with a mop & bucket system, with a floor cleaning machine or just a spray & wipe system. For heavy duty stains you can use Amtico Spillage Remover.

Amtico Maintainer – How to use

After the floor is sealed with an Amtico Dresser you will need to use a non acidic & low PH floor cleaner to avoid dulling the floor polish. Amtico Maintainer will do just that. Wash your floor daily with a cotton mop or a microfiber floor pad. Do not over wet and do not use very rough materials on your floors. You can use Amtico Maintainer in conjunction with a floor cleaning machine as well.

Amtico Maintainer – Where to use

Amtico Maintainer was designed for cleaning & maintaining amtico floors. But Amtico Maintainer is as efficient on marmoleum floors, vinyl floors, rubber floors, wood floors, sealed marble, travertine, terrazzo, terracotta etc. Use the same dilution for all types of floors.

If you want to protect your amtico floors in the right way please clean it with Amtico Maintainer. This super concentrated floor cleaner is also a floor polish enhancer. It will clean and protect in one go. Responds to burnishing after cleaning.


Amtico Maintainer – the magic floor cleaner that will extend the life of your Amtico floors!

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