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Craftex Citrus Fresh

 -super strong deodoriser and odour neutraliser

-suitable for use on carpets, upholstery, floors, etc

-contains a very pleasant & durable lemon perfume

-it will deodorise and kill a wide range of bacteria

-it will be effective on vomit, urine, faeces, smoke, etc


Craftex Citrus Fresh - Where to use

This highly effective bactericidal deodoriser can be used for deodorising and cleaning all types of washable surfaces. It will get rid of a wide range of bacteria and bad odours. Craftex Citrus Fresh will get rid of vomit odours, urine odours, faeces odour, pet odours, food odours, etc. This product is highly popular with the carpet cleaning industry due to its powerful deodorising qualities. Suitable for refreshing all types of carpets and fabrics.


Craftex Citrus Fresh - How to use

This highly efficient deodoriser and bacteria killer can be used with all cleaning systems. You can just add it to a mopping solution and wash your floors as usual, you can use it in conjunction with a spray bottle or you can add it to a scrubber dryer solution tank. This product will not generate any foam. Some areas will require few treatments to get rid of the bad odour. If you need to treat a very big commercial carpet, you can use a pressure pump to apply the deodoriser. This product will get rid of a wide range of bacteria and infections.


Craftex Citrus Fresh - Dilution

Craftex Citrus Fresh is a highly concentrated bactericidal deodoriser. It can be diluted up to 1 to 100 to achieve the best results and make it as cost effective as possible. The dilution rate can be decided on the spot and it will depend on the type of surface that you need to deodorise and on the level of odour. Never use under 1 to 50 dilution rate.


Craftex Citrus Fresh is professional deodoriser and odour killer. This highly perfumed product will clean and refresh any area where it is used. It contains a strong lemon perfume. If you require more information about this or any other bactericidal deodorisers, please call us now.


Craftex Citrus Fresh - professional results for less!


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