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Cleanfast Urine Neutraliser / Artificial Grass Urine Neutraliser

  • Irish manufactured heavy duty urine neutraliser suitable for outdoor use

  • It will neutralise urine odours from artificial grass, patios, footpath, floors

  • To be diluted 1 to 50 before use, low cost, highly efficient, perfume free

  • Suitable for domestic, commercial & industrial urine neutralising projects

  • It reacts with the urine and it neutralizes the bacteria that causes bad odour

  • Safe to use on all astro floors, artificial grass, sealed & unsealed floors

  • It provides results within a few minutes, suitable for heavy duty projects

  • It can be applied with a pump, a mop, a spray bottle or power washer

  • One of the most efficient and most effective urine neutralisers in Ireland

Cleanfast Urine Neutraliser / Artificial Grass Urine Neutraliser - Where to use

Our Cleanfast Urine Neutraliser / Artificial Grass Urine Neutraliser is the perfect treatment for outdoor urine odours. The product can be used on all external walls, patios, footpaths, astro floors, rubber floors, artificial grass, natural stone floors, etc. It starts working within minutes and it will get rid of all types of urine & pet odours. Unlike other types of urine neutralizers, our Cleanfast Urine Neutraliser / Artificial Grass Urine Neutraliser  requires a dilution of 1 to 50, so it is much more cost effective and much more affordable. As effective on human and pet urine. It can also be used on public bathroom floors to get rid of bad urine odours. A proper heavy duty urine neutraliser manufactured in Ireland.

Cleanfast Urine Neutraliser / Artificial Grass Urine Neutraliser - How to use

Identify the area that is affected by the bad odours and prepare the product. The dilution of 1 to 50, means that for every part of urine neutraliser you can use 50 parts of water. The recommended dilution rate usually provides top quality results if the product is used regularly. If the area that you plan to treat is badly affected by odours, you should use a lower dilution rate to make the product stronger. 

Dilute your product in warm water and prepare for application. The best way of applying it is with a pressure pump but you can also mop it or spray it if the above tools are not available. Before applying, check the weather forecast to make sure that there is no rain due within 2-3 hours after the initial application. 

Apply the product in abundance and make sure that the floor is all covered. If the odour is still there after one treatment, do one more treatment with a lower dilution rate. You will get rid of urine odours, decomposition odours, faeces, smoke odours, damp odours, etc. 

The idea of an odour neutraliser is to be used as a prevention agent. If you have artificial grass or an astro patio floor and if you also have a pet, it is very likely that you will end up with urine odours. The dog mistakes the artificial grass for real grass so will urinate on it. The urine will leak under the artificial grass and due to poor ventilation, it will generate odours. A regular treatment with odour neutralisers and urine neutralisers will neutralise urine instantly and it will not allow the odour generating bacteria to thrive.

Cleanfast Urine Neutraliser / Artificial Grass Urine Neutraliser 

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