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 Amtico Dressing

-beautiful satin finish water based floor polish from Amtico

-it will protect your floors from scuffs, markings & scratching

-very easy to apply and very easy to maintain without training

-coverage area : about 30 sq meter per 1L, two coats system

Amtico Dressing /Amtico Polish – Where to use

Amtico dresser was designed as a floor polish for amtico floors. It is also suitable for marmoleum, vinyl, lino, rubber floors, terrazzo, travertine, marble, terracotta, sandstone floors etc.


Amtico Dressing/Amtico Polish – Surface preparation

The floor needs to be stripped of all old polishes and sealants, it needs to be clean and dust free. A deep clean with a neutral floor cleaner is highly recommended after the floor is stripped. Some people recommend warm water and vinegar as the best neutraliser.


Amtico Dressing/Amtico Polish – Application

Apply the first coat of amtico dressing with a microfiber pad or a special polish applicator. Apply one thin and even coat of polish and avoid touching furniture or woodwork with polish. After the first coat of amtico dressing is fully dry, apply at least one more coat. If the first coat was applied horizontally, the second coat should be applied vertically. For commercial or high traffic areas a third coat might be required. To achieve the mirror like finish, you will need to buff the floor with a high speed floor buffer and a red floor pad.


Amtico Dressing/Amtico Polish – Maintaining

Amtico floors are built to last and if the floor is maintained with the right cleaning products it should not require another stripping for 5 years. Use neutral floor cleaners only for daily cleaning and buff your floor once per week. Bleach and acidic cleaning products are the biggest enemy. Use clean mops and use only the recommended cleaning products. Amtico Maintainer was designed especially for this.


Amtico Dressing/Amtico Polish – Buffing

To keep your floor nice and shiny you will have to buff your floors regularly.  The best floor pads for polishing are the red floor pads and the best floor buffers need to have at least 400 RPM (rotations per minute). Buff once per week after you have washed your floors and the surface is dust free. When you buff your floor at high speed you will heat the floor polish and all the light scratches and markings will be removed.


Amtico Dressing is a high quality floor polish. Amtico floors are beautiful floors that require regular polishing and regular maintenance. By using Amtico Dressing on your Amtico floors you will make sure that your floors are fully protected against markings, scratches and general dirt build ups. Most of the traffic will never touch the floor at all but instead it will only damage the protective coat of floor polish. Even if most amtico floors come ready sealed from the factory, to make sure that the floors will last for even longer apply 2 coats of Amtico Dressing.


Amtico Dressing – the best sealant & floor polish for Amtico floors!

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