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Dirtbusters Stove Polish 250 ML

  • Non toxic, fume free and very long lasting stove polish from Dirtbusters

  • It creates a black soft sheen on the stove, grates and the fire surrounds

  • Compatible with all types of stoves including black stoves, wood burners, etc

  • A great alternative to the toxic traditional stove paints and stove sealers

  • This product is highly appreciated by the professional stove cleaning trade

  • A non smoking formula, it covers rust patches, marks and all blemishes

  • It creates a perfect dark black finish without any dull patches or streaks

  • It has a much superior coverage area than most other stove polishes & is affordable

  • No need for expensive tools or any kinds of equipment to apply the polish

  • It can be used on all kinds of cast iron interior and exterior stoves | burners

  • It can transform an old looking stove into a brand new looking fresh stove

  • It dries in a matter of minutes and once the stove gets hot, is permanent

Dirtbusters Stove Polish 250 ML | Why Use It

All that intense heat can create discolorations on the stove surface. While the stove could only be a few months old, it could look very old and patchy. Up to a few years back most people had to use a harsh and toxic stove paint that was very polluting and very smelly as well. But things have changed over the past few years and Dirtbusters has come up with a new, highly innovative, harsh chemical free & easy to apply stove polish. A product highly appreciated and loved by the professional stove cleaning and restoration trade. One coat of the new Dirtbusters Stove Polish 250 ML and your old stove will look like it just came out a box.

Dirtbusters Stove Polish 250 ML | Where To Use It

This new and innovative formula Dirtbusters Stove Polish 250 ML is compatible with all kinds of cast iron stoves, cast iron gas support, gas hob rings, cast iron BBQs & other cast iron burners and garden equipment. There is not a lot of preparation required and it can be easily applied by DIY users and professionals as well. An innovative stove polish, fume free, harsh chemical free and compatible with indoor and outdoor stoves. 

Dirtbusters Stove Polish 250 ML | How To Use It

A quick clean to remove all kinds of large particles should be done before polishing. Using a hard scrubbing brush, scrub the stove to remove as much residue as possible. Shake the stove polish bottle well, put the gloves on and using a good quality cloth or a varnishing brush, apply a thin coat of the new Dirtbusters Stove Polish 250 ML all over the affected area. Buff the product with the cloth until it penetrates the surface and reaches a kind of semi dry consistency. When all areas are covered and the stove looks silk matt, put the fire on to dry up the polish and create a strong protective coat. Any missed patches can be touched up after the stove has cooled down. Repeat the process once every few months to maintain your stove in a top notch condition.

Dirtbusters Stove Polish 250 ML | Recommendation

Do not apply the new Dirtbusters Stove Polish 250 ML over a wet or greasy surface. Do not allow the stove polish to leak or drip all over the surface. Do not mix up with any other stove polishes. Do not apply while the stove is very hot. Protect your hands to prevent staining your hands. If used right and applied regularly, it will prevent the stove from further rusting.

Dirtbusters Stove Polish 250 ML

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