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-high quality unperfumed hand wash

-highly recommended for the food industry

-neutral Ph & very soft on your skin

-contains quality moisturiser to protect your skin

-affordable & very long lasting product


Evans Trigon Plus– Where to use

Evans Trigon Plus a hand soap that contains no perfume so it is suitable for the food processing industry. Removes most types of dirt from your hands with ease and leaves the skin soft and clean. Evans Trigon Plus has a very thick composition that will create a good amount of foam. This professional hand soap can be used with any type of soap dispenser including pelican pumps.


Evans Trigon Plus– Product details

Evans Trigon Hand Plus is a product that is not suitable for the domestic market. It contains no perfume and it is especially designed for commercial use. Evans Trigon Plus is a mid-range hand soap but its cleaning quality is equal or better than more expensive products.


Evans Trigon Plus – Safety

Evans Trigon Plus contains no dangerous cleaning agents or any ingredients that could be harmful for your skin. It contains moisturiser to protect your skin.


Evans Trigon Plus – Recommendation

Evans Trigon Plus is a professional hand soap suitable for commercial use where a non-perfumed soap is preferred. It will deep clean your skin and remove dirt with ease.


Evans Trigon Plus - Antibacterial Hand Soap

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