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Cleanfast Thick Bleach 1L

-universal thick bleach suitable for bathroom & toilet cleaning

-it comes with a duck neck bottle for very easy application

-4% sodium hypochlorite, suitable for sterilizing & deodorising

-suitable for domestic and commercial cleaning projects

-this products is manufactured in Ireland with Irish products

-active, efficient, cost effective and very fast acting bleach

Cleanfast Thick Bleach 1L - Where to use

Our heavy duty thick bleach is a proper toilet cleaner and descaler. It`s gel like composition makes it ideal for attaching it to the walls of the toilet. Also, amazing on all types of porcelain fittings and tiles. Bear in mind that Cleanfast Thick Bleach 1L is very active and much stronger than most other types of bleaches available in Ireland. Small amounts of bleach will provide amazing results in seconds. Very cost effective and very affordable thick bleach. Manufactured in Ireland.

Cleanfast Thick Bleach 1L - How to use

This product comes with a special duck neck bottle for easy application inside the toilet and around the narrow areas. Flush the toilet, apply the bleach, wait 10 min, light scrub with a toilet brush & flush again. Magic results guaranteed. If you are planning to use the bleach to disinfect or sanitise porcelain surfaces (sink, toilet, baths, tiles, etc), dilute the product 1 to 100. Same dilution rate should apply for mopping jobs. The product works fast and attacks dirt and limescale instant.

Cleanfast Thick Bleach 1L - Safety

You are just about to use one of the most active types of bleach money can buy. Use your common sense and work safe.

Do not mix the bleach with any other cleaning products

Do not use the bleach without hand protection

Do not use the bleach as a general cleaner (bathrooms only)

Do not use the tools used to clean with bleach, on other surfaces

Do not use the same mop head to clean other floors

Use the recommended dilution to avoid waste

Store in safe place to avoid spillages & accidents

Cleanfast Thick Bleach 1L is produced in Ireland. This product is highly recommended for bathroom and washroom cleaning. Much better quality than similar products for much less money.

Cleanfast Thick Bleach 1L

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