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Cleanfast Anti Bac Wash Up Liquid

-concentrated washing up liquid suitable for hand washing dishes

-very fast acting and very efficient grease, fat and food remover

-it will kill a wide range of bacteria, anti-fungal, anti-spores, anti-viral

-highly recommended for places with high risk of infection spreading

-high foam washing up liquid, very soft on skin, very pleasant perfume

-it will leave a perfect spotless streak free finish on dishes and glass

-amazing results guaranteed on stained crockery and dirty pots

Cleanfast Anti Bac Wash Up Liquid - Where to use

Powerful anti bacterial washing up liquid from Cleanfast. This product is highly recommended for nursing homes, child minding businesses, schools, pubs and the domestic market. Affordable, cost effective and very efficient. It can be used for manual washing of dishes, plates crockery, hard surfaces and floors. Many commercial businesses use Cleanfast Anti Bac Wash Up Liquid as a general kitchen cleaner and degreaser. Also highly recommended for washing cars and windows. You will achieve an amazing streak free finish on glass. A professional washing up liquid suitable for all types of cleaning.

Cleanfast Anti Bac Wash Up Liquid 5L - How to use

This is a multi purpose washing up liquid suitable for manual washing dishes. It can be also used to deep clean and degrease highly polished floors like porcelain, lino, vinyl, amtico, ceramic and polished wood floors. It can be used with a spray bottle. Dilute 1 to 100 and use it as a general surface cleaner for bathrooms and kitchens. Ad 1 drop of washing up liquid to 10 l of warm water and mop your floors. The same dilution ratio will apply when washing cars or windows. Bear in mind that this product is highly concentrated.

Cleanfast Anti Bac Wash Up Liquid 5L - Dilution

There is no need for dilution when washing glass or dishes. The tap water will dilute it. Dilute 1 to 100 when washing floors, cars, windows, polished surfaces, hard surfaces, etc. For daily maintenance the dilution can go up to 1 to 500.

The product is gentle on your skin but prolonged use may cause dryness. Use a pair of rubber gloves when washing dishes with your hands. The washing up liquid is soft and gentle and it is not known to react with any surfaces.

Cleanfast Anti Bac Wash Up Liquid 5L MSDS

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