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Carver Seal | Coloured Wood Gap Filler

Carver Seal / Coloured Wood Gap Filler

  • Top quality water based gap filler and wood crack filler from Carver

  • Suitable for filling up small gaps between floorboards and cracks

  • Available in white, light oak, light teak and doussie, very fast drying

  • It can be sanded and recoated with oil based and water based sealers

  • A low odour gap filler suitable for filling up gaps up to 0.5 cm or less

  • Highly recommended for the professional floor refinishing industry

  • The product is very flexible, very long lasting & very easy to apply

  • The coverage area depends on the size and number of gaps/cracks

  • A quick and cost effective way of sorting out floorboard gaps & cracks

Carver Seal / Coloured Wood Gap Filler - Where to use

The new Carver Seal / Coloured Wood Gap Filler is a quick and easy to use gap filler and wood floor crack repair. The product is 100% odourless and suitable for commercial and domestic use. Highly recommended for filling up small cracks and also small gaps between the floorboards. It can be used for filling up gaps on wood floors, doors, frames, furniture, etc. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The product can be applied on sealed and unsealed wooden surfaces. Available in four distinct colours to match pretty much all types of wood fibre. The sealer can be sanded and overcoated with any type of wood floor finish. It will not crack because of the vibrations on the wood and it will provide superior elasticity. The new Carver Seal / Coloured Wood Gap Filler main job is to quickly repair cracks on wood and to seal gaps & stop the draft on wood floors. This product is highly popular with the floor sanding and floor refinishing industry due to its easy workability, durability and low cost.

Carver Seal / Coloured Wood Gap Filler - How to use

The new Carver Seal / Coloured Wood Gap Filler is not suitable for large scale gap filling on wooden floors. For large scale gap filling projects please use one of Carvers alcohol based gap fillers. To prevent staining the wood sealer, you should apply masking tape around the edges of the gap/crack. Cut the top of the silicone tube with a sharp blade, install the plastic applicator, cut a small hole on the plastic applicator and start applying Carver Seal to the area. Fill up the whole gap up to the top and use a small scraper to level up the top of the gap flush with the floor or the wood surface. It should be pretty easy and no special training is required. Do not use the treated surface for 3-5 hours while the filler is drying. Any excess filler that has touched the finish on your wood can be removed with Carver Net Parquet while it is still semi-dry. 

After the Carver Seal / Coloured Wood Gap Filler is fully dry, you can sand it if you want and you can seal it with any wood stain or water based floor lacquer you prefer. To be sure of long durability, you should not fill up gaps over 0.5 cm. Ventilate the area well to speed up the drying time. The gap filler has no odour but some extra ventilation will speed up the drying times. 

Tools needed:

Silicone Gun

Masking Tape

Sharp Knife

Small Scraper


The four colours available are : white, doussie, light oak & light teak. This product is much more superior than all other types of gap fillers from other brands. The product is cheaper, dries faster, looks better and lasts for much longer periods of time. If you are on the market for a great quality gap filler or wood crack repair silicone, you should definitely try the new Carver Seal / Coloured Wood Gap Filler.

Carver Seal / Coloured Wood Gap Filler

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