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Bona Hardwax Oil

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 Bona Hardwax Oil

Hardwax oil for wooden floors. Silk Matt finishes.

Natural oil modified for superior protection of wooden floors. Boa Hardwax Oil produces the natural warmth of oiled floors while establishing a hard wearing and stain resistance surface that is spot-repairable and easy to clean.


 Bona Hardwax Oil

-superb quality high traffic satin finish

-made from natural vegetable oils

-recommended for solid & semi solid floors

-water proof and dirt repellent qualities

-contains only eco friendly composites

-very low odour & very big coverage area

-it will keep the natural look of your floor

-easy to apply and very easy to maintain

-one of the most widely used hard wax oils


Bona Hardwax Oil – Where to use

Bona Hardwax Oil is not just another hard wax oil. This is the original floor oil that has made history all over the world. Bona Hardwax Oil is a product that will protect and enhance the look of your floor without building an artificial coat over the floor. Bona Hardwax Oil is suitable to use on any solid or semi solid wood floor that is unsealed or freshly sanded. The floor will absorb the oil instantly and it will become waterproofed within minutes. Bona Hardwax Oil cannot be applied over existing finishes or polished surfaces. Very easy to apply and very easy to maintain. Suitable for commercial use.


Bona Hardwax Oil – How to apply

Most types of semi solid or solid wood floors are suitable for treatment with Bona Hardwax Oil but pre testing for suitability should be done. Make sure that the surface that you plan to seal is clean, dry and dust free. Apply one coat of Bona Hardwax Oil with a polish applicator, a cloth or a microfiber pad and allow 24 hours to fully dry. Apply a second coat of oil after the first coat is fully dry and allow another 24 hours to dry. Bona Hardwax Oil will finish your floor in a beautiful hard wearing satin finish. You do not need to be a flooring contractor to apply this floor oil but you need to respect the application method to achieve good results. Bona Hardwax Oil can be used on commercial floors as well and it is known to last for years.


Bona Hardwax Oil – Maintenance

A floor finished with Bona Hardwax Oil will require regular cleaning and maintenance. Wash your floor with Bona Soap and a microfiber pad or one of the Wood Floor Cleaning Kits from Bona. Once in a while apply one or two coats of oil or wax refresher to maintain its natural beauty.


Bona Hardwax Oil – Application rules

-only apply Bona Hardwax Oil on dry surfaces

-apply the second coat 12 to 24 hours later after the first coat is fully dry

-do not dilute Bona Hard Wax Oil

-do not over use Bona Hardwax Oil – avoid over soaking the floor

-do not varnish over oiled surfaces

-do not apply Bona Hardwax Oil on sealed floors


Bona Hardwax Oil – Recommendation

You are just about to use one of the most famous oil products in the World. Over 100 years of experience went into the design of this product and it shows. Bona Hardwax Oil is a floor oil not a varnish, so do not drag heavy items on the floor and do not wash your floors with a lot of moisture. Bona Hardwax Oil is one of the toughest floor oils in the world. If you require more information please contact us today.



Bona Hardwax Oil – 100 years of experience used to design and create this product!


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