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Cleanfast Machine De-Scaler 5L

-professional acid based machine descaler & limescale remover

-it will remove rust, carbon, limescale, stains, grease deposits, etc

-to be used in all types of dishwashing & glass washing machines

-also great for cleaning boilers, coffee machines, washing machines

-will remove corrosion from aluminium, copper, zinc & stainless steel

-many carpet cleaning companies use it to descale fittings

Cleanfast Machine De-Scale 5L - Where to use

Universal descaler and lime remover. Cleanfast Machine De-Scale is a heavy duty machine descaler suitable to use in all industries. Limescale can be a serious problem in areas with hard water. A quick treatment with our amazing descaler and the limescale will evaporate. It can also be used to descale boilers, dishwashers, glasswashers, coffee machines, vending machines, carpet cleaning machines, etc. A product suitable for commercial and domestic use. Will also remove corrosion and rust from zinc, copper, stainless steel, steel and other surface. Outstanding results guaranteed!

Cleanfast Machine De-Scaler 5L - How to use

Use this product undiluted. When treating kettles or boilers, coat the interior with the descaler and allow time to react. Rinse well with clean water. The results are amazing. For dishwashers and glass washers refer to the user manual. Ensure that the machines are empty, dry and no other detergent is present. Apply around 100 ml inside the machine and run a normal wash. Run a second cycle to make sure that the product was washed away. When manually treating an area with bad limescale, use a sponge or a brush. Always rinse well with clean water. Wear gloves when handling and using chemicals.

Very efficient limescale remover and machine descaler. It works much faster than similar products and it is very well priced. This product has to be used to be fully appreciated. Many house cleaning companies use this machine descaler to remove limescale buildups.

Cleanfast Machine De-Scaler 5L MSDS

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