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  • Cleanfast Shift Plus Degreaser

    Very powerful commercial degreaser & sanitiser

    Suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning

    Highly concentrated, cost effective & safe to use

    It melts grease, fat, oils, carbon & body fats instantly

    It can be used on walls, ceilings, floors & glass

    This product is marked as a “food safe product”

    It will kill a wide range of bacteria, yeast & fungi

    This product is guaranteed made 100% in Ireland

    PH 13, Dilution rate 1 to 100, fully biodegradable


    Cleanfast Shift Plus Degreaser - Where to use


    A premium hard surface cleaner and kitchen degreaser. This product contains a unique blend of antibacterial agents that are known to kill most bad bacteria. Cleanfast Shift Plus Degreaser is a product highly popular within the commercial & catering market. It cleans and disinfects in one go. It will provide outstanding results on stainless steel, plastic, porcelain surfaces, glass, all types of floors, washable paints and other surfaces. This amazing degreaser can be used for daily maintenance or heavy duty cleaning projects. A food safe product.


    Cleanfast Shift Plus Degreaser - How to use


    It can be used with all known cleaning systems. Pre-spray is highly recommended when cleaning commercial kitchens in bad shape. Spray & wipe is the most popular way of using this product. Use warm water when degreasing very dirty floors, it can be used with a scrubber drier but a defoamer has to be added to the waste tank. Dilute the product before using it. Apply the product directly onto the surface, scrub with a green scourer and remove the waste with a cloth. Repeat the operation if needed. This product is safe to use in food preparation areas. Safe to use in nursing homes and childminding units.


    Cleanfast Shift Plus Degreaser - Dilution


    The recommended dilution ratio for daily maintenance is 1 to 100. The dilution ratio for light to medium duty cleaning jobs should be around 1 to 50. The dilution ratio for heavy duty commercial kitchen projects should be 1 to 20. Mix the product with warm water for better results. Do not mix the product with other cleaning products. Suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning projects.


    Cleanfast Shift Plus Degreaser

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