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Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop Blue

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: RS119
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Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop Blue

-heavy duty commercial & domestic mop

-it is compatible with hygiene handle

-highly absorbent,  long lasting & affordable

-suitable for cleaning and floor polishing

-very popular within the office cleaning trade

Robert Scott Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop

Mops are a core part of the cleaning system. There are different kinds of designs to choose from. These are guided by factors such as the type of floor you’re working on, since you want to deal with equipment that will get the task done without damaging the floor; the durability of the mop and whether it can withstand the numerous types of cleaning solutions that will be used when getting rid of the dirt and stains; all through to the ergonomics- after all, you want a mop what will be easy to use, not one that will make the cleaning task to be an arduous chore. The material also factors in, since it has a direct impact on how much liquid the mop can absorb, and how long it can retain its optimal performance. In addition, you want an economical unit- one that will enable you to meet your floor care needs without driving your building’s maintenance costs through the roof. Robert Scott, a market leader in the cleaning industry, has developed the Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop to handle large cleaning jobs.

Why The Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop Will Be Available As Part Of Your Cleaning Supplies

  1. Highly absorbent

The absorbent material of the Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop enhances the cleaning action. It gives the unit the ability to soak up loads of solution and dirt when mopping up the floor. As such, you get to achieve more with each pass that you make, speeding up the cleaning process. Since the large size of the unit enables it to cover more surface area, it further enhances the efficiency. The effectiveness of this unit makes it ideal when working in areas that handle high levels of traffic, plus the large floors in commercial setups, schools, malls and similar spaces where time is critical, and one cannot afford to spend hours working on small sections at a time

Here, linting is also reduced. This is a common concern with the conventional cotton mops. The lint left behind during the mopping simply adds to the workload, which can be frustrating. The Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop reduces this issue, that way you will be able to carry out a more thorough clean, and not have to keep redoing the area to remove bits of lint strewn on the surface.

  1. Easy to use

Simply fix it onto the handle and you’re good to go. The assembly is a breeze, and the Abbey socket ensures that a secure fit is obtained. In fact, the Abbey fitting comes already attached to the mop head, that way you won’t need to be forced to hold the mop when it is all soiled in the middle of the mopping when you want to change it. This makes it a hygienic approach to the mopping process.

The Abbey fitting additionally makes the Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop part of the Intermix System. This is a particular set of cleaning tools developed by Robert Scott & Sons whereby one Abbey handle gets to be used with multiple cleaning tools. It fits the traditional socket mop heads, washable hygiene mop heads, flat and sweeper mops, brooms, and even squeegees from the Hygiene range from the same brand. The rationale is having a handle that can be used across a wide range of tools, saving on costs and storage space. After all, getting a different handle for each of the mop heads would simply end up filling the janitorial closet. The complete setup of the Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop plus the associated handle is easy on the hands, with the latter having been constructed with lightweight aluminium.

  1. Available in different colours

One of the highest risks when it comes to the spread of infection is cross contamination. This comes into focus during the cleaning. For instance, when the same equipment that is used as one works on bathrooms and other surfaces is employed for the living areas and kitchens, pathogens can easily be spread between the surfaces, putting the health of the persons on the establishment in jeopardy. You don’t want the mop picking up microbes from the washroom floor, and transferring them to the kitchen, which is the nerve centre for food management. Tools used to clean surfaces that were exposed to uncooked fish and meat products being used to wipe the table in the living room or the workstations in the office buildings can result in different kinds of ailments cropping up. Colour coding comes in to prevent the confusion.  

Specific colours are designated to clean areas based on the levels of risks. This brings uniformity and drastically cuts down the risk. The varying colours of the Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop enable it to blend into such systems. For instance, red, a colour that is typically associated with hazards, can be used when mopping the toilet and washroom floors which have higher chances of being contaminated with bacteria and other pathogens. The yellow units are usually associated with clinical areas and laboratories, but can also be used on the washrooms where the level of risk is lower- such as when mopping the region under the sink. Green, on the other hand, can be assigned to the food preparation areas. These are the likes of the kitchen at home and in restaurants, bars, the cafeteria, plus factors where food and drinks are processed.  Blue is used for the low-risk areas. These can range from the living rooms, and offices, classrooms and hallways, and mopping general surfaces. Note that there isn’t a fixed standard system for the colour coding. You can assign the colours as you see fit in your establishment. The key is ensuring that they don’t mix, thus enabling you to ensure hygienic standards are maintained. Taking this approach also comes in handy when training the cleaning staff as colours are easily understood. One can also be quick to notice equipment that is being used out of its intended zone.

Robert Scott Stubby Big White Abbey Prairie Mop

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