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Diafil Marble Polishing Powder

  • Top of the range marble & travertine polishing powder from Diafil Italy

  • Manufactured from premium quality professional grade components

  • It creates a unique and durable sheen | Very easy to use and apply

  • It dissolves very easily and can be used by DIY users & professionals

  • Safe to use on all types of marble floors, marble worktops, walls, etc

  • The new Diafil Marble Polishing Powder can be applied after grit 800

  • Sold in a 5 Kg bucket | Yellow colour | Unperfumed | Suitable for indoor & outdoor use

  • 2-3 scoops of powder per sq meter | Apply clean water over the powder

  • The powder has to be buffed in well with a white standard polishing pad

  • The waste has to be extracted with a wet vac & the surface washed 

  • A second polishing operation can be performed but is not necessary

  • The finish is very durable and it does not require any other polishing

  • To prevent coloured stains from penetrating, the surface can be sealed

  • Regular buffing & maintenance with a diamond polishing pad is essential

Diafil Marble Polishing Powder | Why Diafil

Diafil is one of Italy's biggest manufacturers of diamond polishing pads. The new Diafil Marble Polishing Powder was introduced to the market a few years back and has made a great impact within the professional marble polishing industry. This outstanding quality polishing powder has a number of advantages that other types of marble polishing powders don`t have. The product can be applied after the surface was grinded with a grit 800 diamond polishing pad. Most other types of marble polishing powders can only be applied after the surface was polished with pad 1600 or 1800 grit. It reduces the time needed to finish a job and it increases productivity. The product requires less cleaning. After a surface is polished with the new Diafil Marble Polishing Powder, it will not require a lot of washing and cleaning to achieve that spectacular gloss finish. It responds very well to burnishing and regular maintenance with fine grit diamond polishing pads. It costs less and it covers more surface than other marble polishing powders.

Diafil Marble Polishing Powder | Where To Use It

The new Diafil Marble Polishing Powder is compatible with all marble floors and all travertine floors. It will create a beautiful natural looking sheen that is known to last for many years even on commercial and very high traffic floors. The product cannot be scratched and it has a superior resistance to harsh chemicals. Highly recommended for polishing and maintaining hotel receptions, corridors, shop floors, patios, offices, pubs, restaurants, residential floors, etc. It can be used by professionals and DIY users assuming that a wet vac and a low speed floor buffer is used. 

Diafil Marble Polishing Powder | How To Use It

Surface preparation is essential. All imperfections and all old sealers have to be removed in full. Pretty much the same preparation routine applies to marble and travertine floors. The only difference is the fact that the travertine is more porous so the surface has to be finished with an 1800 grit diamond polishing pad before polishing it with the new Diafil Marble Polishing Powder. The marble floor can be treated after grit 800. 

  1. Apply 2-3 scoops of powder per 1 sq meter of floor

  2. Pour some water on the power to create a creamy composition

  3. Using a low speed floor buffer and a white pad, start buffing the composition

  4. With the buffer rotating, move around the area 5-7 go`s

  5. Spend the same amount of time on each tile | area

  6. Make sure to maintain a creamy composition at all times. Add more water if needed

  7. After done with the buffing, extract all the waste with a wet vac

  8. Wash the floor with a flat mop and move along to the next area

  9. When done with the whole floor, wash the whole floor well with a neutral cleaner

  10. Allow the surface to dry for 20 min and proceed to dry buffing with a white pad

  11. The job should be completed. A stain protector can be applied if required

***Marble & travertine polishing is not easy at all. Better the tools, better the results. More weight on the buffer, faster and easier to achieve the gloss. Do a sample test in a corner before proceeding with a large area. Use Diafil Diamond Polishing Pads to prepare the surface. Maintain your marble floor daily with Faber Neugel ***

Diafil Marble Polishing Powder

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