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-one of the most affordable professional floor cleaners

-suitable for cleaning & maintaining all polished floors

-high quality floor cleaner suitable for scrubber driers

-non slip product due to its extremely low foam content

-suitable for washing vinyl, altro, marmoleum, lino, etc

-one of the most cost effective floor cleaners out there


Craftex Essential Maintenance Floor Cleaner - Where to use

Professional floor cleaning & daily floor maintenance product, suitable for washing all types of polished surfaces. Suitable for deep cleaning and maintaining altro floors, marmoleum floors, amtico floors, lino floors, vinyl floors, porcelain floors,etc. Due to its extremely low foam content, this product can be used with all types of floor cleaning machines. Craftex Essential Maintenance Floor Cleaner will deep clean and deodorise any type of floor surface where it is used. It contains a pleasant lemon fragrance. This superb quality floor cleaner and floor maintenance product is highly recommended for cleaning school floors, pubs, restaurants, gyms, night clubs, etc. Its low cost and high dilution rate makes this product highly desirable.


Craftex Essential Maintenance Floor Cleaner - How to use

Like all other Craftex cleaning products, Craftex Essential Maintenance Floor Cleaner is a multi purpose  cleaning product. Most cleaning contractors are using this highly cost effective floor cleaner, in conjunction with a floor cleaning machine. Due to its very low foam content and very high dilution rate, this product is the ideal scrubber dryer detergent. It can be used for daily mopping as well and it can be used with a spray and wipe system. Some carpet cleaning contractors are using Craftex Essential Maintenance Floor Cleaner as an extra power buster for their normal carpet cleaning detergent. This product is cheap, efficient and long lasting. Ideal for cleaning commercial floors.


Craftex Essential Maintenance Floor Cleaner - Dilution

The dilution rate recommended by the manufacturer is 1 to 100 but the proper dilution rate for each job needs to be assessed on the site. If the floor that has to be cleaned is pretty clean, you will have to use the maximum dilution rate of 1 to 100. If the floor is medium dirty, you can use a dilution of 1 to 70. If the floor requires a good clean, you will need to use a dilution rate of 1 to 20.


If you need to daily maintain polished floors, please try Craftex Essential Maintenance Floor Cleaner. This product was designed for cleaning and maintaining commercial floors. We can guarantee you that you will love it.


Craftex Essential Maintenance Floor Cleaner - professional cleaning products for less!

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