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-heavy duty grease & oil stain remover from most surfaces

-strong alkali cleaning product with citrus fragrance

-highly recommended for cleaning garages, factories & industrial floors

-very concentrated cleaning product that requires dilution

-multipurpose cleaning product with degreasing qualities


Evans Rubicon – How it works

Evans Rubicon is not your standard cleaning product. This super strength degreaser greases no 1 enemy. It melts grease and fat on impact and it removes oil markings from concrete, paving, tiles & natural stone floors. Reacts on impact with fats and dissolves oils and grease. If you need to clean an oil leak from paving, just apply Evans Rubicon undiluted all over the stain and allow it to work. Scrub with a brush and wash the waste away. If the stain is not removed in one go repeat the operation. Evans Rubicon can be used in conjunction with a floor scrubbing machine to deep clean garages, factories, commercial kitchen floors.

Evans Rubicon – Where to use

Evans Rubicon can be safely used on any type of surface. It removes grease and oil from floors, walls or any type of surface. Many garages use Evans Rubicon to remove old oil stains from engines that use to leak. Grease & dirty garage floor? Dirty looking factory walls? Clean it with Evans Rubicon.


Evans Rubicon- Dilution

Evans Rubicon is a super concentrated cleaning and degreasing product that can be diluted up to 1 to 100. When removing oil stains from a floor surface use a lower dilution ratio of 1 to 2. For daily cleaning and maintenance of factory or garage floors use a higher dilution ratio of 1 to 50 or 1 to 100. If you plan to remove oil or grease from engines or any other mechanical parts use a dilution of 1 to 5 and mix with hot water for better results.


Evans Rubicon – Safety

There are very little safety risks associated with Evans Rubicon. This product was designed to remove oil so while on the floor dissolving grease, the floor surface could be very slippery. If used daily wear a pair of gloves to prevent irritation. After all, this is a strong degreaser.


Evans Rubicon – Recommendations

This superb and affordable grease removing product can be used by commercial and domestic customers. Tough on dirt and soft on your skin. If you had an oil leak on your paving or if your garage floor is very greasy you should try Evans Rubicon. It will remove oil on impact and it will reduce the risk of falls.



Evans Rubicon – the best oil & grease remover in Ireland!

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