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-superb quality multi purpose general cleaner

-it is suitable to use on all washable surfaces

-very efficient degreaser and oil stains remover

-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning

-suitable for deep cleaning industrial floors

-leaves all surfaces spotless and streak free

-its high dilution rate make it very cost effective


Craftex Champion Ultra Degreaser 5L - Where to use

It is very rare that a multi purpose cleaner and degreaser can tackle so many cleaning jobs. This product can be used for cleaning and degreasing walls, floors, ceilings, tiles, machineries, etc. It will react with dirt instant and it will remove grease and oils on impact. Craftex Champion Ultra Degreaser is the ideal product for deep cleaning floors where food is served. Many kitchen cleaning companies are using this highly efficient degreaser to deep clean commercial kitchens. Its high dilution rate and its huge cleaning power, makes this product ideal for the cleaning industry. Safe to use on painted surfaces and polished floors as well.


Craftex Champion Ultra Degreaser 5L - How to use

Depending on the type of cleaning you plan to do, you can use it with a spray and wipe system, you can use it for daily mopping of commercial floors, you can use it in conjunction with a floor cleaning machine. Some carpet cleaning companies are using Craftex Champion Ultra Degreaser as a traffic lane pre sprayer. It is always good to mix this powerful degreaser with warm or hot water.One of the best general purposes out there. Its high dilution rate and its superb cleaning and degreasing power have made Craftex Champion Ultra Degreaser very popular.


Craftex Champion Ultra  Degreaser - Dilution rate

The standard dilution rate for heavy duty degreasing jobs is 1 to 5. One part of the cleaning agent and 5 parts of water. For daily cleaning and maintenance of washable surfaces, the recommended dilution rate is 1 to 60. So 5L of Craftex Champion Ultra Degreaser should mix up about 600 bottles of spray cleaner. The dilution rate needs to be right to avoid wasting the product.


If you are looking for a professional multi purpose cleaner with high degreasing qualities, please try Craftex Champion Ultra Degreaser now. This product is highly popular with the schools, offices, pubs, restaurants, etc. One cleaning product for all your cleaning needed.


Craftex Champion Ultra Degreaser - professional results for less!

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