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Evans Cream Cleanser

  • Highly effective kitchen cleaning & kitchen surface polishing cream

  • Suitable for deep cleaning all types of soft and hard kitchen surfaces

  • Also suitable for cleaning and polishing bathroom wall and floor tiles

  • Safe to use on stainless steel, porcelain, chrome, glass, plastic, etc

  • It contains a pleasant lemon fragrance, leaves no residue or streaks

  • Suitable for heavy duty commercial and domestic surface polishing

  • PH 10.5 , fast acting, non acidic, soft on your hands and eco friendly

Evans Cream Cleanser - Where to use

Universal cleaning and polishing cream from Evans. A top quality polishing cream suitable for cleaning and polishing all types of kitchen & bathroom fittings. Safe to use on chrome, stainless steel, plastic, painted wood, glass and ceramic fittings. It will leave a streak free glossy finish on any surface treated with it. Removes dirt and impregnated dirt almost instantly. Highly popular with the domestic once off cleaning industry. Evans Cream Cleanser is very affordable and highly effective.

Evans Cream Cleanser - How to use

Remove all the large residue from the surface and apply the cream in small amounts with a towel cloth or some type of more aggressive cloth. Scrub well until all the dirt is broken into small particles. Now use the other side of the cloth to remove the wet waste. Take another clean cloth and buff the surface in circlular motions to achieve gloss/shine. Regular cleaning and maintenance with the Cream Cleanser will prevent dirt from building up. 

Try the Evans Cream Cleanser today and be ready to be amazed. Dirt stands no chance and the final results are just amazing. It can be used for domestic and commercial cleaning projects. It will clean, polish and deodorise the whole area. Its high PH makes it the ideal cleaning solution for tough jobs.

Evans Cream Cleanser


Evans Cream Cleanser - Professional cleaning results for less!


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