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Griddle Cleaning Screen

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: GSCR.10
  • Availability: 10

Griddle Cleaning Screen | Pack Of 10

A heavy duty griddle screen sold in packs of 10

Suitable for cleaning griddle, ovens, burners, BBQs

Compatible with the amazing Griddle Pad Holder

It can be used to remove carbon deposits & grease

It will remove dirt fast and can be reused many times

Suitable for commercial & residential griddle cleaning

It can be used in conjunction with a cleaning product

Low cost, highly effective, fast results guaranteed

Griddle Cleaning Screen | Pack Of 10 | Why use

A surface deep cleaned with a griddle screen is likely to turn out spotless, grease free & carbon deposit free. Even if your griddle looks clean after it was scrapped with a sharp scraper or some kind of blade, fine grease and carbon deposits can still be left on the surface. You will only notice these deposits when the surface is getting hot again. So a final scrub on wet with a griddle screen ensures a full deep clean and a safe to use griddle.

Griddle Cleaning Screen | Pack of 10 | Where to use

A professional quality griddle screen sold in packs of 10. Can be used for heavy duty professional cleaning but also for residential cleaning. It can be safely used on all types of griddles, flat hot surfaces, burners, cookers, ovens, extractor fans & so on. Due to its great abrasivity, the new Griddle Screen | Pack Of 10 is not suitable for polished stainless steel or aluminum surfaces. The new Griddle Screen | Pack Of 10 is easy to use, effective against a wide range of residue that can be found on cooking surfaces and it reduces the risk of leaving the surface of your griddle sticky. This product is highly popular with the catering industry and the general food preparation industry. Work faster and safer with a spotless griddle. Check the new Griddle Screen | Pack Of 10.

Griddle Cleaning Screen | Pack Of 10 | How to use

To be able to use the new Griddle Screen | Pack Of 10 you will also have to order the new Griddle Pad Holder. The pad holder can be applied directly on the griddle screen or you can apply the Griddle Pad Holder on a half size catering scourer and then apply the catering scourer on the griddle screen. Before you start scrubbing the surface please use a catering scraper to remove all excess grease, food residue and carbon. Use the new Griddle Screen | Pack Of 10 for the final cleaning. If you just apply the griddle screen on a very dirty & greasy surface, the screen will just clog and it will fail to work.

A very basic cleaning system that provides outstanding results. A cleaner griddle means less absorption, less smoke and fumes & better tasting food. Check out our amazing range of oven cleaning products, kitchen cleaning products & catering cleaning products.

Griddle Cleaning Screen | Pack Of 10

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