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Tover L`Olio Floor Oil 1L

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Tover L`Olio Floor Oil 1L

  • Heavy duty floor oil made from a blend of organic oils

  • Suitable for sealing and staining all types of unsealed wood floors

  • Can be used for protecting, colouring and refreshing wood floors

  • Also highly recommended for protecting frames, furniture, profiles

  • It can be applied with a floor pad, cloth or some special applicator

  • Covers 30 to 40 square meters per 1L & touch dry in about 6 h

  • Solvent free, suitable for professionals, natural matt finish, monocoat

  • Available in clear matt and also a wide range of fancy unique colours


Tover L`Olio Floor Oil 1L - Where to use


Tover Floor Oil is a professional monocomponent floor oil, solvent free with a matt finish. The product can be used for sealing and protecting all types of unsealed wood floors and wooden surfaces. The  product dries in about 6-8 hours and should be applied in a two coats system. It can be used on low traffic commercial floors and high traffic commercial floors. It will maintain the natural look of the wood without creating artificial glazing.


Tover L`Olio Floor Oil 1L - How to use


The product can be used in two ways. You can do two coats of Tover Floor Oil with a 10 hour break between the coats, or you can do 1 coat of coloured Tover Floor Oil & then 1 coat of high traffic clear hardwax floor oil. Sometimes two coats of coloured oil could be too rich so 1 coat of colour & 1 coat of clear could be the ideal solution.

Apply the floor oil in very thin coats. Larger surfaces can be coated with low speed floor buffers and oiling pads while smaller surfaces can be coated with microfiber cloths or some special oiling applicators. It is recommended to apply the floor oil over newly sanded or unsealed wood surfaces but overcoating pre-existing finishes is also possible. 

1L of Tover Floor Oil  will cover anything between 30 to 40 square meters of wood floor. It all depends on the type of wood, the way it was finished and the skill of the tradesman. More absorbent wood surfaces, like pine, will have a lower coverage area while hardwood surfaces, like oak, will have a better coverage area. Do not apply the second coat until the first coat is fully dry. 

Tover L`Olio Floor Oil 1L is available in 33 different colours. Please use the dropout menu to select your colour. The colour chart is informative only. The same floor oil can look 100% different on different types of wooden surfaces.

***all waxed/oiled wood surfaces require regular cleaning and refreshing. Natural oils are likely to dry over time & refreshing is very important to maintain full protection on your floors***

Tover L`Olio Floor Oil 1L

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