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Craftex Spotting Brush 5"

-superb quality spotting brush made from Tampico fibre

-suitable for all types of cleaning & carpet spot cleaning

-its suitable for domestic and commercial cleaning jobs

-highly popular within the upholstery cleaning industry

-this spotting brush has the ideal size for fitting in narrow spaces

-due to its quality build, this spotting brush is very cost effective


Craftex Spotting Brush 5” – Where to use

This spotting brush was created for the upholstery and carpet cleaning industry. It will help scrub up stains without damaging soft or sensitive fibres. It is made from high quality Tampico fibres and water proof wood. It can be used for any other light scrubbing jobs. This spotting brush cannot miss from any carpet or upholstery cleaning van. Its superb design makes it the ideal spotting brush for all hard to reach areas.


Craftex Spotting Brush 5” – How to use

Whatever way you need to. If you are an upholstery or sofa cleaning company, you can pre spray all the bad stains and after about 5 minutes, you can use this spotting brush to lightly scrub the stain. It will help the stain removing agent penetrate deep inside the stain and it will facilitate easy remove of most types of stains. Its dense fibres will last for very long periods of time. This spotting brush can be used for grout cleaning or any other type of light to medium scrubbing jobs.


Craftex Spotting Brush 5” – Recommendation

This brush is a highly popular product. It can help you achieve much better results with very little effort. It is made to last and to make you money. If you want to see this spotting brush before ordering it online, please drop around our shop and we will be happy to help you out. A well priced product with very long life expectancy.



Craftex Spotting Brush 5” – Professional quality for less!



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