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Faber K100 Marble Polishing Cream

  • Water based marble polishing cream and gloss restoring cream from Faber

  • Suitable for repairing dull patches and repolishing marble and ceramic floors

  • Compatible with most glazed floor surfaces and all natural stones

  • The product is also suitable for removing small scratches for resealing floors

  • It will leave a streak free highly durable gloss, it will not overlap, fume free

  • The product contains no wax and it will not create an artificial looking glazing

  • Highly recommended for treating and maintaining busy commercial floors

  • Quick and easy application, effectively restores lost sheen, high coverage

  • It will cover 40 to 50 sq meters per 1L, sold in bottles of 5L, ready to use

  • One of the most innovative and easy to use marble polishing creams from Faber

Faber K100 Marble Polishing Cream | Why use

The new Faber K100 Marble Polishing Cream is an amazing product. It restores lost sheen and it increases the floor protection against general traffic and chemicals. The product works pretty much like the marble polishing powder but without the disadvantages of the powder. The product is easy to use, it does not create overlapping and it can be used by professionals and domestic users assuming that the right tools are used. The product has a superior coverage area than other similar products and it provides far better results with less effort.

Faber K100 Marble Polishing Cream | Where to use

The new Faber K100 Marble Polishing Cream can be used on all marble floors, travertine, glazed ceramic floors, terrazzo floors, porcelain floors, etc. Its coverage area is estimated somewhere between 40 to 50 sq meters per 1L or 200 to 250 sq meters per 5L bottle, but it can vary from surface to surface. The new Faber K100 Marble Polishing Cream is suitable for indoor and outdoor use as well. It does not require any drying time so once the cream is applied and the desired gloss is achieved, the floor can be used straight away. The new Faber K100 Marble Polishing Cream is called “universal” polishing cream but it works best on marble floors. For other types of floors Faber has better products (K400 & K500).

Faber K100 Marble Polishing Cream | How to use

The surface has to be clean, dry and slightly polished. The new Faber K100 Marble Polishing Cream is a “restoring” and “maintenance” polishing cream so it has to restore and maintain a pre-existing finish. Its main job is to restore lost sheen and enhance the protection. 

  1. Do not apply the new Faber K100 Marble Polishing Cream to a wet surface. Make sure that the floor surface is dry and spotless.

  2. Use a powerful buffer (1.5 HP up) and a white pad.

  3. Apply 2 teaspoons of cream to the floor and add 2 teaspoons of water over it.

  4. Using the floor buffer and the white pad, start buffing the floor while maintaining the cream in a nice and uniform liquid shape. Add more water if necessary. Do not buff the cream until it dries and do not add excessive amounts of water. 

  5. Work in small areas of up to 2 sq meters. 

  6. From time to time, using a window cleaning squeegee, check the floor surface to see if the desired gloss has been achieved. If yes, extract the waste with a wet vac, wash the floor nicely and you are ready. The floor does not require any drying time. It can be opened to heavy duty traffic within minutes

Faber K100 Marble Polishing Cream | Recommendations

To be able to achieve professional results you should respect the application process step by step. If you are unfamiliar with marble polishing creams, you should do a sample test somewhere in a corner to train yourself a bit before going on a large scale project. All Faber products are designed for easy use but common sense and a bit of skill is required to be able to achieve superior results. The coverage area is estimated and based on the average porosity & absorbency. The product cannot be handled without gloves. Do not mix the product with any other floor polishing products to avoid adverse reactions.

Faber K100 Marble Polishing Cream

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