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Faber Hidro SST / Natural Stone Impregnator 

  • High performance water based deep penetrating natural stone sealer

  • VOC free, fast drying, superior coverage area, suitable for indoor & outdoor use

  • The ideal sealer for stopping rising water and preventing staining on floors

  • Can be applied on 5 sides before installation or it can be used to seal 

  • Does not alter the look of the stone, it will not glaze, UV safe

  • Highly recommended for areas with constant water flow and humidity

  • One of the most durable and innovative impregnators from Faber range

  • 1 L will cover 30 square +-, to be used on all unsealed natural stones

Faber Hidro SST / Natural Stone Impregnator  - Where to use

This is one of THE most innovative and most eco friendly natural stone sealers and natural stone protectors from the Faber range. The product is water based, VOC free, safe and easy to use. It can be used for sealing natural stone before or after the installation. It will prevent rising water from staining the surface and it will also prevent humidity from above staining the stone. The main reason for staining on natural stones is rising humidity, staining from the adhesive used to install the tiles, rust from nails used to fix the base and so on. Faber Hidro SST / Natural Stone Impregnator is the solution for such issues. 

Faber Hidro SST / Natural Stone Impregnator  - How to apply it

It can be applied prior to the installation on all 5 sides without the top or it can be applied after the installation on the top of the tile. Many people ask why bother sealing the stone if you can do it from the top? Well, when the tile is loose, you can apply a lot of product on the base of the tile, seal well the sides and stop humidity from rising from the installation itself. Removing a salt stain or a rust stain from an already installed tile is a nightmare. You can also seal the 6 sides prior to installation. The bottom of the tile, sides and the top. By doing this you will prevent rising water from staining and spillages from the top. You can use a flat mopping system, a brush or some kind of applicator. Do not allow the sealer to puddle up on the tile to avoid streaking. If the sealer is not fully absorbed, the excess will dry and it will be impossible to remove. Apply enough sealer to wet the stone well without over wetting. All tile adhesives will bond well with the sealed back of the tile.

Superior humidity protection from Faber. An innovative solution with low environmental impact. Try the new Faber Hidro SST / Natural Stone Impregnator  today. Protect your natural stone floors before it is too late.

Faber Hidro SST / Natural Stone Impregnator 

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