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Faber Natural Look Protector

  • 100% invisible solvent based protector compatible with all absorbent materials

  • It will provide an invisible barrier against spills, grease, fat, wine, food, coffee, etc

  • It does not alter the surface of the stone and it does not glaze the surface

  • The product is compatible with terracotta, cotto, concrete slates, limestone, paving

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use | A low odour and very long lasting protector

  • 1L will cover on average 20-30 sq meters but it can depend on the surface porosity

  • Apply the new Faber Natural Look Protector over a clean and dry surface

  • Suitable for commercial and residential stone sealing and stone protecting projects

  • This product will not create any wet look, it is not visible & it will not increase gloss

  • It can be applied over floors, walls, tiles, roof tiles, statues, patios, window sills 

Faber Natural Look Protector | Why Use It

If you love the way your floor looks but you hate the way it stains every time you clean it or every time something gets spilled on it, then you can sort this issue out with the new Faber Natural Look Protector. Basically the surface will stay the same but no liquids from above will be able to penetrate the surface. By sealing the stone surface with this amazing protector you will find it easier to wash the floor and the surface will require resurfacing less often. It can be applied over a wide range of surfaces with medium to high absorbency levels.

Faber Natural Look Protector | Where To Use

The new Faber Natural Look Protector is only compatible with natural and artificial stones with medium to high absorbency. Basically all types of surfaces that are absorbing liquids and stains fast. The product can be used for sealing walls, floors and all vertical surfaces. For those looking for a natural look on their highly absorbent surfaces, the new Faber Natural Look Protector will really impress. The product will penetrate the surface slightly and will not create artificial glazing. Fancy patios that used to get soaked every time it was raining, will not absorb water at all. A proper quality invisible sealer from Faber. If you are on the market for a “wet” look or a “glossy” sealer, then this product is not for you and instead you should check out Faber P147 Sealer.

Faber Natural Look Protector | How To Use It

Wash the surface and make sure that all visible residue and all impregnated dirt is fully removed. Proceed to sealing only after you are 100% sure that the surface is dry. You can apply the sealer with a cloth, a flat mopping system or some kind of professional applicator. Apply enough product to create that wet look evenly (it will be fully invisible after it dries). Areas that are missed can be touched up later on. The protector should fully dry within 2-3 hours. One coat usually does the job but if you are sealing surfaces with constant water flow, a second coat can increase the protection. The estimated coverage area is about 20 sq meters per 1L but it can vary from surface to surface. Do not dilute the product and do not mix it up with other protectors or sealers from Faber or other brands.

Faber Natural Look Protector | Safety

A solvent based protector that needs to be handled with care. While the product is not in a high risk category , the safety guidelines should not be ignored. Wear gloves while using the product and work in areas with good ventilation.

Faber Natural Look Protector

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