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Faber Quartz Cleaner

  • Acidic detergent suitable for deep cleaning all types of quartz agglomerate surfaces

  • It removes old patina and restores the surface to its original colour | Great stain remover

  • A water based concentrated cleaner recommended for extraordinary quartz cleaning

  • It reacts with the surface and it removes dirt from the surface and from inside the stone

  • It can be used to clean all types of quartz tiles, quartz worktops, quartz fittings & more

  • To be diluted 1 to 2/3 or to be used undiluted (depending on the condition of the surface)

  • Apply the product to a dry and cool surface to maximize its cleaning power

  • Do not use on chemically polished surfaces or surfaces that are sensitive to acids

  • Do not use on newly installed surfaces that are not fully cured or on newly grouted floors

  • Do not mix with any other cleaning products and clean all the equipment used with water

Faber Quartz Cleaner | Why Use It

Compact surfaces made from quartz or quartz agglomerates cannot be deep cleaned without proper products. One of the very few cleaning products that works well and guarantees great results on all quartz surfaces is the new Faber Quartz Cleaner. This outstanding cleaning product will remove all kinds of stains from quartz surfaces, from the top and from inside the surface. The new Faber Quartz Cleaner will penetrate the quartz surface very deep and it will dissolve deep impregnated stains and grime. The product will not affect the quartz surface. This product will exfoliate any kind of wax, protector or sealer. If you are planning to re-seal a quartz surface and you need to remove the old protector beforehand, then the new Faber Quartz Cleaner is the right product for you.

Faber Quartz Cleaner | Where To Use It

This product was designed for deep cleaning of all kinds of quartz surfaces. This will include all types of quartz floors, quartz worktops, quartz backsplash, quartz sinks, quartz fittings, quartz wall tiles, etc. It can be used on other surfaces as well but due to its acidity and strong cleaning power, we recommend that the new Faber Quartz Cleaner be used on quartz and quartz agglomerates only. Remember to do a pre-test before cleaning a large surface. The product is suitable for heavy duty commercial and residential use. 

Faber Quartz Cleaner | How To Use It

Assessing the condition of the project is essential. By doing so, you will know whether to dilute the product or to use it undiluted. For very heavy duty quartz cleaning projects use the product undiluted and for medium to light quartz cleaning projects use the product diluted 1 to 3. Apply the product to the affected area and allow up to 20 minutes of direct contact between the surface and the cleaning product. Any surfaces that are not beng treated should be protected. Scrub the surface with a semi aggressive floor pad and rinse off with cold water. Repeat the operation if the results are not 100% satisfactory. Badly impregnated stains might require a number of treatments before noticeable results are achieved.

Faber Quartz Cleaner | Safety

A highly aggressive product like the new Faber Quartz Cleaner has to be treated with care. Wear thick rubber or nitrile gloves, protect your eyes and be sure to work only in well ventilated areas. This product is already very strong so by mixing it with any other cleaning product you will not achieve better results but you could generate toxic fumes. This product is highly popular with worktop installers and companies that specialize in worktop maintenance and worktop refurbishment. 

Faber Quartz Cleaner

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