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Vyrex Surface Sanitiser 500 ML

  • Highly effective anti-virus disinfectant suitable for domestic & commercial use

  • Powerful virucidal & bactericidal sanitiser kills HIV, Hepatitis C, MRSA and common food poisoning bacteria

  • Bleach free, non hazardous, food safe, Certified EN14476 and  BS EN 1276

  • Can be used on all washable surfaces, carpets, upholstery, floors, washrooms

  • Ready to use, no dilution required, to be applied directly to the area, no wiping

  • Unequalled qualities, the most efficient disinfectant against new and old viruses

Vyrex Surface Sanitiser 500 ML - Where to use

This outstanding quality surface disinfectant and sanitiser is one of the most efficient products in the war against viruses and bacteria. Safe to use on all washable surfaces, carpets, rugs, fabrics, upholstery & washrooms. The product instantly kills a wide range of bacteria and viruses to leave the surface fully disinfected. Suitable for domestic use, commercial use, industrial use and medical use. 

Vyrex Surface Sanitiser 500 ML - How to use

Bear in mind that Vyrex Surface Sanitiser 500 ML is a “sanitiser” not a cleaner. Its main job is to neutralise and kill harmful bacteria and viruses. All washable surfaces will require a cleaning before disinfection. After the surface is clean, spray it with the new Virex Surface Sanitiser 500 ML and do not wipe. Let it dry naturally. The product will dry up streak free. Repeat the operation a number of times per week to keep areas virus free. Virex Surface Sanitiser 500 ML contains no perfume.

Vyrex Surface Sanitiser 500 ML - Recommendations

Follow the instructions and safety guidelines for best results. Do not spray the product directly onto live electrical equipment. Do not dilute the product and do not mix the product with other products. Do not wipe the surface after it was sprayed. Keep the product away from direct sunlight and store safely away from children. 

Vyrex Surface Sanitiser 500 ML

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