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Evans Sealant B Floor Primer

-highly recommended for use on old worn floors that were stripped and polished many times

-efficient on all types of floors – marmoleum, vinyl, amtico, marble, travertine, terrazzo

- Sealant B Floor Primer penetrates into the floor and fills up all the pores and imperfections

-Sealant B Floor Primer will build up a strong foundation for the floor polish

-Sealant B Floor Primer acts as an undercoat and reduces the need to overuse floor polishes

-Sealant B Floor Primer is a water based product, low odour and no fumes


In cases where the floor has been stripped and resealed many times, the surface of most types of floors will become very porous. The standard floor polishes are designed to build up a satin or gloss finish on dry and sound surfaces. To achieve a flat and smooth surface on a very porous surface you will need to use a good floor primer. Sealant B Floor Primer is one of the best and most cost efficient floor primers. It will seal all gaps and pores with ease and it will build a strong protective coat over your existing floor. Sealant B Floor Primer will reduce the need for using expensive floor polishes by over 50%.


Evans Sealant B Floor Primer – Application

Apply on dry and even surfaces. Remove all dust particles and all the old sealants and polishes. Apply with a dry microfiber flat mop head or a special polish applicator. In most cases 1 coat of Sealant B Floor Primer should do the job but if the floor still feels porous and rough when touched, you should apply 2 to 3 coats. Allow to dry between coats. Apply thin coats of floor primer and if you apply more than one coat apply from the opposite direction of the last coat done.


Evans Sealant B Floor Primer – Compatibility

For long lasting results please use Enhance Floor Polish or Mexapol Floor Polish to finish the floor. Sealant B Floor Primer is suitable to be used with most types of water based floor polishes. A water based primer cannot be used in conjunction with a solvent based floor polish.


Evans Sealant B Floor Primer – one professional floor primer for most types of floors.

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