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Tover Uniqua Antibacterial Floor Lacquer / High Traffic

Tover Uniqua Antibacterial Floor Lacquer / High Traffic

  • Water based self-linking high traffic floor lacquer from Tover

  • Single pack, water based, no fumes, VOC free, clear finish

  • Non yellowing, quick drying, built in anti-scratch technology

  • Effective against 99% of bad bacteria & viruses, well priced

  • Silver ions technology ensures full, long lasting protection

  • Available in extra matt, semi gloss and gloss finish

  • Can be used for sealing wood floors at risk of contamination

  • Recommended for domestic, commercial, health care facilities, etc

  • It will cover around 12 sq meters per 1L, 1-2 hours drying time

Tover Uniqua Antibacterial Floor Lacquer | High Traffic - Where to use

A very high traffic water based floor lacquer suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial application. Superb scratch resistance, formulated with silver ions to ensure full protection against 99% of germs and bacteria. It can be used for sealing wooden floors in areas with high risk of cross contamination like public buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, child care businesses, schools, pubs, etc. This superb quality single pack water based floor lacquer will not yellow over time, it will not be affected by cleaning products & it will provide outstanding protection against harmful bacteria. It can be applied directly to the wood or over a solvent/water based floor primer.

Tover Uniqua Antibacterial Floor Lacquer | High Traffic  - How to use

The surface should be sealant free, freshly sanded or new wood floors. The surface should be dry and residue free. The lacquer can be applied directly on the wood without a primer in a 3 coats system or it can be applied over a water based or solvent based floor primer + 2 coats of lacquer. Apply the varnish around the edges with a varnishing brush while the larger areas can be sealed with a varnishing roller. Use 150-180 grit sandpaper to sand the floor one more time after the first coat. Vacuum well and apply the rest of the coats without sanding again.

A good maintenance routine is essential for all water based floor lacquers. You can extend the life expectancy of your floor by more than 50% if you use proper wood floor cleaners, little or no water and refreshers once in a while. The ideal refresher for Tover Uniqua Antibacterial Floor Lacquer / High Traffic is Tover Antibacterial Floor Sealer (Code TOV9344)

Tover Uniqua Antibacterial Floor Lacquer / High Traffic 

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