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Faber Deep Protector 

  • Water repellent deep penetrating sealer that resolves the issue of rising water | humidity

  • The product is easy to apply and will provide outstanding protection for many years

  • It prevents water infiltrations and all the issues caused by high humidity on surfaces

  • 1L will cover anywhere between 10-20 square meters but it can vary from job to job

  • Suitable to use on cotto, terracotta, cement, ceramic and pretty much all patios & paths

  • A non glazing product that allows the surface to breath & ventilate naturally  

  • The product provides great protection on cracked tiles that otherwise would absorb water

  • Many tiling contractors use it to pre-seal tiles before being grouted with cement

  • The product is compatible with surfaces that are exposed to constant water flowing 

  • A highly cost effective deep penetrating sealer suitable for indoor and outdoor sealing

  • Highly appreciated within the power washing and paving resealing trade for its quality

Faber Deep Protector | Why Use It

Preventing an issue is usually cheaper and better than having to deal with the issue after it happens. This professional quality product was designed to impregnate all kinds of medium to highly absorbent surfaces and to prevent the rising water and water from above penetrating the stone. By using this product to prevent all the associated issues related to high humidity like salt & mineral staining, mould and algae development and general wet stains all over the surface. This product works in two ways, first it does not allow the rising humidity to reach the top of the stone and it does not allow water from rain or whatever other source from penetrating the surface from above. It can be used by tiling contractors as a sealer before grouting or re-grouting a surface. The product will create a great barrier between the grout and the tile and it will reduce the level of cleaning required at the end of the project. 

Faber Deep Protector | Where To Use It

A low cost solvent based water repellent sealer suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Compatible with all showers, kitchen floors, changing rooms, footpaths, patios, old terracotta and victorian tiles that have constant rising water issues due to high porosity, roof tiles, etc. The product does not alter the original look of the tile and it does not film the surface. Unaffected by bad weather, UV rays or constant humidity. It can be used by residential users without any training or expensive tools. To be applied in 1 or 2 coats with about a 2 hours gap between the coats to allow drying time.

Faber Deep Protector | How To Use It

The surface has to be spotless, residue free and fully dry.You can use some kind of specific applicator, a cloth or a flat mopping system. The product is likely to dry fast so you also have to move fast as you apply it. Apply enough product to have the surface wet looking evenly but not over soaked. Any excess product should be removed before it dries. Do not dilute the product and do not apply more than two coats. Check the weather forecast and make sure that it won't rain for about 1-2 hours after the application. Expect to cover 10-20 sq meters.

Faber Deep Protector | Safety

While dealing with solvent based products you will need to protect your hands at all times. Work in areas with good ventilation and do allow direct contact between your skin and the product. Keep the product in a dry and dark place away from kids and pets.

Faber Deep Protector

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