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RH-Pro 30 Litre Bucket Mopping System

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: 6475
  • Availability: 1

RH-PRO 30 Litre Bucket Mopping System

  • Professional colour coded mopping system suitable for large floors

  • Manufactured from shock resistant and chemical resistant materials

  • A very versatile and ergonomic design to facilitate easy use/cleaning

  • Suitable for heavy duty industrial use, commercial use and domestic use

  • To be used with very large mop heads like Kentucky & interchange

  • Wet floor sign on both side, stainless steel wringer, removable wheels

  • One of the most popular and most highly recommended mopping systems

  • Size : 30L, available in 4 distinct colours, very light for its large size

RH-PRO 30 Litre Bucket Mopping System - Where to use

To work faster and better you will need to use proper tools and equipment. RH-PRO 30 Litre Bucket Mopping System is one of those tools. This large mopping system is the ideal mop bucket for large commercial floors. 30L of cleaning solution will enable the user to cover very large floor areas without having to fill it up again. It can be used for daily cleaning & heavy duty floor cleaning projects. The perfect mop bucket for schools, pubs, hotels, public buildings, restaurants, gyms & so on. Designed to be used with cold and hot water, manufactured from shock resistant plastic & chemical resistant components. It increases productivity and reduces the time needed to clean large floors.

RH-PRO 30 Litre Bucket Mopping System - How to use

RH-PRO 30 Litre Bucket Mopping System can be used with a warm or cold cleaning solution. Fill up the bucket with warm water and add your cleaning agent. Place your mop head in and allow the mop to absorb as much liquid as it needs. Lift up the mop head and put it inside the wringer. You can decide how wet you want the mop head. The more pressure you put on the wringer, the less liquid will be left on the mop head. Now you can start washing the floor.

RH-PRO 30 Litre Bucket Mopping System is your best friend when you are planning a large floor cleaning project. You will notice that it can be easily stored in narrow spaces while the wheels can be removed to fit everywhere.

RH-PRO 30 Litre Bucket Mopping System

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