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-made from very light & durable aluminium composite

-it will work with all types of velcro system floor pads

-its very flexible joints maks it ideal for cleaning floors

-it will fit with ease under furniture and under doors

-it can be used for floor, wals and ceilings cleaning

-it can be used for scrubbing or for polish application

-suitable for the commercial and domestic cleaning market


Velcro Frame 40 cm - Where to use

This superb quality floor pad holder can be used in conjunction with all types of velcro floor pads. It is made from very light aluminium composite and it can be used for heavy duty scrubbing or light cleaning. Its very flexible joints, makes it ideal for cleaning all hard to reach areas, under furniture and around the stairs. Many floor cleaning companies are using Velcro Frame 40 cm to apply floor polishes. Being made from aluminium composite, it won`t rust and it will last for many years.


Velcro Frame 40 cm - How to use

With the arival of microfiber floor pads, the whole floor cleaning industry has changed. Washing huge surfaces of floors was never easier. Just pick the right floor pad for your job and attach it to the Velcro Frame 40 cm. For heavy duty cleans you can use a more abrasive floor pad and for light cleaning or dusting, you can use a softer microfiber floor pad. The pad holder is designed in such way to allow you apply the same level of pressure all over the pad.


You will find much cheaper velcro floor pad holders out there but you won`t find the same quality products. Investing in one of our Velcro Frame 40 cm it will proof to be a very smart investment. Your job will be easier and the product will outlast all other similar products available for much less.


Velcro Frame 40 cm - professional results for less!


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