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2San Apple Fresh 5L (formerly Craftex)

 2San (Craftex) Apple Fresh 5L- very powerful deodoriser and bacteria killer- designed for professionals - it contains a very strong apple perfume- suitable to use on carpets & fabric- it can..
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2San Citrus Fresh 5L (formerly Craftex)

2San (formerly Craftex) Citrus Fresh -super strong deodoriser and odour neutraliser-suitable for use on carpets, upholstery, floors, etc-contains a very pleasant & durable lemon perfume-it wi..

2San Spot & Stain Remover 5L (Craftex)

2San Spot & Stain Remover 5L (Craftex)-highly efficient carpet & upholstery stain remover-suitable for removing oil and water based stains-it will remove grease, shoe polish, oil,animal fats, ..

2San Urine Neutraliser (Craftex)

2San Urine Neutraliser (formerly Craftex) PH neutral, slightly perfumed urine neutraliser from 2SanCompatible with all water washable surfaces, fabrics, carpetsThe recommended dilution rate is 1 ..

Craftex 70% Hand Sanitising Gel / EU Approved 50ML

Craftex Hand Sanitising Gel 70% AlcoholHeavy duty hand sanitising gel from CraftexSuitable for healthcare, commercial & domestic use70% Alcohol content, gel like composition, gentle on handsAvaila..

Craftex Acetone Glue Remover 1L

Craftex Acetone Glue Remover -solvent base product capable of removing glue from carpets & fabric-it can be used as a spot remover for fake tan, oils, some paints, etc-suitable for commercial..
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Craftex Advanced Formula Fabric Cleaner 5L

Craftex Advanced Formula Fabric CleanerHighly concentrated pre-spray with solvent boosterSafe to use on all types of upholstery, sofas and rugsPH 10, dilution ratio 1 to 20, premium oil stain removerT..

Craftex Alco Spot

 Craftex Alco-Spot Stain Remover-heavy duty solvent stain & spot remover-very efficient on ink, dyes, pen, paints, etc-to be applied undiluted direct on the stain-recommended for the carpet c..

Craftex Antifoam Concentrate 1L

Craftex Antifoam Concentrated 1L-amazing antifoam and foam stabilizer-it can used to maintain low foam level-to be added to any extraction system-highly concentrated & pretty affordableCraftex Ant..

Craftex Antifoam Concentrated 5L

Craftex Antifoam ConcentratedHigh quality defoamer with a dilution ratio of 1 to 500Compatible with all extraction system & all wet vacuumsThe product has to be added diluted to the solution tank&..

Craftex Bio-Enzyme 1L

 Craftex Bio-Enzyme Sprayer- high quality enzyme remover from carpets & fabric- it will remove blood, urine, food, coffee, tea, etc- safe to use on all types of carpets & fabric- ready to..

Craftex Carpet Cleaner 1L

 Craftex Carpet Cleaner-highly concentrated liquid carpet cleaning shampoo-suitable to wash all types of carpets & upholstery-designed to be used with all water extraction systems-superb stai..

Craftex Carpet Protector 5L

 Craftex Carpet Protector Scotchgard-water based fluorochemical that acts as a repellent-it will protect against spillages, general dirt and staining-suitable for use on all types of carpets &..
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Craftex Catering Safe Floor Cleaner & Sanitiser 5L

Craftex Catering Safe Floor Cleaner & Sanitiser Professional heavy duty floor cleaner for the catering industryCleans, degreases, sanitises and disinfects in one goSafe to use on safety floor..

Craftex Caustic Soda Pearl 2Kg

Craftex Caustic Soda Pearl-professional oven and cooker cleaner-it will remove most types of carbon burns-suitable for commercial and domestic jobs-100% concentrated caustic soda powder-highly efficie..
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