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Faber Aqua Stop | Water-Repellent 

  • 100% deep penetrating waterproofing sealer suitable for all absorbent surfaces

  • It penetrates the surface fully without creating an artificial film over the surface top

  • A solvent based impregnator that will deal with all issues related to constant humidity

  • It will prevent the surface from developing salt stains, mineral marks, algae, mould, etc

  • By not creating a film over the surface top it does not reduce the stones breathability

  • It can be used as a pre-treatment before other types of colour enhancing sealers are used

  • Recommended for sealing surfaces with high absorbency like cotto & concrete

  • 1L of the new Faber Aqua Stop | Water-Repellent will cover close to around 20 sq m | L

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and it can be used on floors and vertical surfaces

  • A ready to use formula that requires no dilution or any kind of special preparation

  • Effective against humidity coming from above and also rising water coming from below

  • The product can be used before grouting to prevent grout residue build up on the tile

  • It does not enhance or change the original look of the surface regardless of colour

Faber Aqua Stop | Water-Repellent | Why Use It

Floors and walls that are exposed to a constant water flow or high levels of humidity are likely to develop mineral & salt stainings or will facilitate the development of organic growths like moss and algae. The humidity can come from above (showers, kitchen floors & walls, wet rooms, patios, etc) or in some cases the humidity can rise from below. Many old houses have mineral or salt effervescentes on the floor without an apparent reason. The new Faber Aqua Stop | Water-Repellent  will prevent all that and more. The product will penetrate the stone in full and it will harden up somewhere in the middle of the tile | surface. By doing so it creates a barrier between the humidity coming from above and below. The water cannot pass the tile at all. Also highly efficient when the product is applied to a newly tiled area before grouting the surface. It prevents the grout residue from marking the tile and all the issues that can appear when harsh acidic chemicals are used to remove the grout from the tile. This is a proper quality water repellent sealer that can help so many people.

Faber Aqua Stop | Water-Repellent | Where To Use It

The product can be used on any type of surface with medium to high absorbency. If the original look of the surface is satisfactory and if the user is not looking to enhance or to glaze the surface, then the new Faber Aqua Stop | Water-Repellent is exactly what you need. There are many areas that can really benefit from this product. Unsealed limestone & travertine tile can be waterproofed without any visible coating. Cotto, terracotta & concrete tiles can also be waterproofed and protected from top and rising humidity. Natural stone patios and all paving patios can be waterproofed to prevent rain water from penetrating and creating the perfect habitat for moss & algae development. Basically you can use it wherever you need a surface waterproofed.

Faber Aqua Stop | Water-Repellent | How To Use It

The surface has to be clean, residue free and fully dry. Apply the product abundantly with a roller, a flat mop or some kind of applicator. You need to move fast because the new Faber Aqua Stop | Water-Repellent is very fast drying and deep penetrating. Do not leave surface residue. The surface will absorb whatever it needs to be sealed and the applicator has to remove the excess. A second coat is possible within 1-2 hours. The product is easy to apply and does not require special training or equipment. After about 1 hour the surface is ready for traffic and fully waterproofed. The new Faber Aqua Stop | Water-Repellent will not yellow and is not affected by UV rays or bad weather conditions. While most medium to low absorbent surfaces are compatible with the product, a pre-testing is recommended. Do not apply over sealed or polished surfaces (the product needs to penetrate the surface fully to be able to dry).

Faber Aqua Stop | Water-Repellent | Safety

Protect all areas that are not being treated. Wear hand protection, eye protection and a mask. Work in well ventilated areas only.

Faber Aqua Stop | Water-Repellent 

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