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 Tover Lega Stucco RS20 Gap Filler

-professional solvent based gap filler with great filling properties

-suitable for filling gaps between 0.1 mm to 0.4 mm on wood floors

-dries fast, it can be sanded fast and it can be varnished with ease

-highly recommended for use on wood floors with very high traffic

-this product needs to be mixed with wooden dust for perfect match

-it will not shrink and it will bond perfect between the floorboards


Tover Lega Stucco RS20 Gap Filler - Where to use

If the gas between your floor boards is bothering you, we have a solution. Use Tover Lega Stucco RS20 Gap Filler to sort out your issue. This professional gap filler can fill up gaps between 0.2 mm to 0.4 mm. It can be used on wider gaps as well but it can be risky. The gaps need to be filled up with dust from the floor to match the existing colour. Suitable to use on all types of solid or semi solid wood floors. This product is very elastic and it will not shrink. It can be sanded after a few hours and it can be overcoated with most types of water based finishes.


Tover Lega Stucco RS20 Gap Filler - How to use

If you are not a professional floor sanding contractor or flooring specialist, you may want to do a sample test in a corner. Remove the existing finish from your floor in full to expose the wood. Re-sand the floor again and collect all the dust generated in a bucket. Mix up the gap filler with the dust until it becomes thick like a cream. Using a small scraper or a trowel, push in the gap filler to make sure that all the gaps are evenly filled. Allow a few hours to dry and re-sand the floor as usual. The floor will look perfect flat and the gap filler will look about 90% like the floor board. Job done.


Do not fill up gaps bigger than 0.5 mm. Do not mix up the gap filler with other products. Only sand the floor after the gap filler is fully dry.


Tover Lega Stucco RS20 Gap Filler - one of the most efficient gap fillers available in Ireland!

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