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Carver Traditional Floor Oil Greenol HD

  • Incredibly strong floor oil, silky finish & excellent efficiency

  • It will penetrate the wood and seal the wood surface

  • Superb natural looks, available in clear matt finish, 0 fumes

  • To be applied in two coats system with 12 hours break

  • It will cover around 20-30 sq meters per 1L, very quick drying

  • Suitable for domestic floor sealing and also commercial use

  • It can be applied with a brush, a roller or a special applicator

  • The most beautiful and the most durable hardwax floor oil

Carver Traditional Floor Oil Greenol HD - Where to use

If you are on the market for a natural looking floor oil to seal your wooden floors, you need to check out the new Carver Traditional Floor Oil Greenol HD. This amazing high traffic floor oil is solvent based and it is suitable for sealing all types of wood surfaces, floors, frames, doors, etc. The product will penetrate the wood fully and it will create a natural rich finish. To be applied in a two coats system with 12-24 hours break between the coats. Carver Traditional Floor Oil Greenol HD is suitable for interior use only. 

Carver Traditional Floor Oil Greenol HD - How to use

This product can only be applied on new and unsealed wooden surfaces or on newly sanded wood surfaces. Make sure that the surface is clean, sealant free & dry before preparing for oiling. You will need to use a flat mop, a brush or a special oil applicator. You will need to apply a thin and even coat of floor oil all over the floor. Use a small cloth to apply floor oil around the edges or all narrow areas. A low speed floor buffer and an oiling pad is the ideal way of applying the floor oil. 1L of floor oil should cover 20 to 30 sq meters but it can vary from floor to floor. 4 hours after the initial application it is recommended that you buff the floor with a white pad to remove excess oil and any imperfections. Apply the second coat 12-24 hours later and do not use the floor for 12 hours. 

***all oiled floors require regular refreshing and maintenance. You will need to refresh your oiled floors at least once per year***

Use the new Carver Traditional Floor Oil Greenol HD to seal your beloved wooden floors. Achieve spectacular results without any special training***

Carver Traditional Floor Oil Greenol HD

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