Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags On Roll - 200 Bags Box

Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags On Roll - 200 Bags Box

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Product Description

-heavy duty clear compactor bags 100% degradable

-suitable for heavy duty commercial use & domestic

-sold in boxes of 200 bags per box - 8 rolls x 25 bags

-very thick, flexible, also suitable for recycling waste

-popular with schools, bars, restaurants, gyms, pubs

-45 micron, 26” x 44”, clear, it will break in the ground

Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26" x 44" Review

As a business owner, your work diary is full of things that demand your attention. So much needs to be done to ensure things run smoothly to grow your revenue margins and meet consumer needs. The last thing you want to worry about its the waste disposal system. However, it is core to your business normal day-to-day operations. Part of the cleaning and maintenance program is putting a comprehensive waste disposal system in place. From segregation to ensure that it is properly disposed of, to equipment like trash compactors that enable the waste to be got rid of safely, plus factoring in the impact that the entire operation will have on the environment- it all weighs into the process. The sanitation levels of the premises are on the line- after all, you don’t want a situation where you have pungent odours reeking up the premises, or a case of unwanted pests rummaging through the trash. For hotel owners, malls, restaurants and even apartment complexes, this can be really problematic, as it even puts you in direct conflict with local health regulations and will chase off your customers. Keeping the waste securely confined is key, to avoid overflow. Then there is the ease and convenience of handling the waste. Here, the system should be accessible to the staff, tenants and merchants who need it, while ensuring that it fits on the property and meets the municipal requirements. Proper waste disposal involves using a system that incorporates quality components- which includes the bag that will be used to hold the trash. That’s a task for the Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26" x 44".

Different factors are considered when getting waste disposal bags. This range from the size of the bag- which determines how much garbage can be held in it, to the environmental sustainability of the material- as you want to reduce your carbon footprint. The overhang also comes into play. These are those extra inches of the bin bag that hold it around the rim of the bin, to prevent the bag from falling. While the overhang is a good thing, you don’t want it to be in excess- as this simply results into wastage of the volume that is not being used. As such, it is vital to get a bin bag that is compatible to the size of the bin itself. This is also to prevent going for one that is too small, where it doesn’t even fit the bin in the first place, or one that puts you in a situation where you will find it difficult to tie up the bin bag when time for taking out the trash arrives. That’s just for the ordinary trash bags. When it comes to compactors, things are taken up a notch. The regular trash bags will get ruined when exposed to the extreme forces that are witnessed in the compactors. Loads of pressure are used to compress trash- which includes everything from cans and glass jars, to plastic containers, wrappings, paper, sweepings, and even food waste that is generated in the building. Whenever the container gets about half full, the compactor comes int to smash down the waste, creating more space for trash to be added. It is critical to have a bag that has been specifically engineered to handle these kinds of forces, with emphasis on tear-resistance and moisture-resistance. The weight capacity also needs to be higher than comparative trash bags, since the compacted waste will no doubt be heavier. When it comes to these this mode of waste disposal, turn to the Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26" x 44". 

Benefits Of The Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26" x 44"

  1. Extra heavy duty

The thickness of the bin bags that are used is an indicator of the strength of the material. This is indicated in microns, which is the SI measurement used. 1 micron is equivalent to 4 gauge. For instance, a 100-gauge bin liner would clock 25 microns. This is used for the light-duty trash. Going to 30-micron bin bags (120 gauge), these are medium-duty products, with those of 40 microns being strong enough for bulk domestic waste. The Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26" x 44" clocks a whopping 45-micron rating (180 gauge), making it a heavy-duty product that can be used for handling commercial waste.

  1. Large capacity

Trash compactors themselves are designed with the goal of enhancing waste disposal efforts, by making the most use of the available space. Compacting of the waste into smaller volumes provides more space within the receptacles being used, that way more trash can be disposed of, awaiting pick up. This also comes in handy in reducing frequency of switching the bags and the rate of the hauls that will need to be scheduled. The Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26" x 44" itself takes this a notch higher by having a large volume, allowing more compacted waste to be held within it, waiting for the garbage collection crew. Using this approach of waste management also makes it a clean and neat process. You get to avoid scenarios where the garbage is loose and messy in the open receptacles, where it can produce odours and attract pests. Using the trash compactors will take away this risk. What’s more, this compactor bag is 100% degradable. This means that it will be broken down completely in the environment, exposing the contents to the elements and, in turn, speeding up their degradation as well. This contributes to reducing the rate at which landfills are building up. 

  1. Easy on your budget

While getting rid of the trash, you don’t want to strain your establishment’s janitorial budget. Costs are a core factor to consider when making your purchase, and the affordable pricing of the Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26" x 44" makes it worth the amount spent on it. What’s more, the durability of the product, where the strength of the material takes away the need for double-bagging, enables you to derive optimal use out of every single unit purchased. This, coupled with the volume of the compactor bag and the packaging where each box has 200 of the units, enables you to make savings on the waste disposal costs that are incurred on your premises. 

Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26" x 44"

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