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Earth2Earth 68 L Grey Pedal Bin | 49 x 40 x 83.5 Cm

  • Medium sized heavy duty grey pedal bin from Earth2Earth

  • Manufactured from flexible & durable plastic components

  • Compatible with dry or wet waste, pedal operated top lid

  • Slim fit so it can fit in all small and compact office corners

  • The bin is compatible with Earth2Earth compostable bin bags

  • It will fit a standard 26” x 44” waste bag (standard bin size)

  • It can be installed in less than 30 seconds without any tools

  • Just press the pedal, empty the waste and release the pedal

  • Suitable for residential use, commercial use & industrial use

Earth2Earth 68 L Grey Pedal Bin - Why use

A pedal waste bin makes a lot of sense for a number of reasons. First of all it reduces the need of touching the top lid therefore eliminates the risk of cross contamination. A pedal waste bin will keep all the bad odours inside the bin. A pedal waste bin is slim and compact and it can fit in any narrow corner in any office space or a residential property. By opening the top of the bin fully, you avoid splashes and rubbish ending up on the floor. Most professional catering businesses and all restaurants have been using these bins for years. 

Earth2Earth 68 L Grey Pedal Bin - Where to use

This compact medium sized pedal waste bin is suitable for a variety of uses. Domestic users use this top quality pedal waste bin for day to day waste collection. Small to medium offices use a number of bins spread all over the office for general dirt collection or recycling. Catering businesses and restaurants/bars use this elegant bin for a number of dry or wet waste recycling projects. The bin is manufactured from very thick plastic components that makes it suitable for commercial use. 

Earth2Earth 68 L Grey Pedal Bin - How to use

We recommend using one of Earth2Earth's compostable or recyclable plastic bags with it to avoid creating bad odours from wet mixed waste. The bin bag will fit nicely inside the bin and it will prevent leaks. You can also use the new Earth2Earth 68 L Grey Pedal Bin without a bin bag and just empty it in a larger bin as it is filled up. The pedal operating lid is very handy and it reduces the need for touching the bin at all. This is especially useful in times of pandemics when cross contamination can be an issue. Press the pedal to open the lid and release the pedal when done. The lid will close down without making loud noises.

Try the new Earth2Earth 68 L Grey Pedal Bin. A proper quality pedal waste bin manufactured by Earth2Earth. 

Earth2Earth 68 L Grey Pedal Bin

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