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Stiff Upholstery Brush

  • Heavy duty stiff upholstery brush suitable for professional use

  • Made from heat resistant plastic and synthetic fibres

  • Highly popular with the sofa/carpet/upholstery cleaning industry

  • 15.2 cm length, red handle fitted with a sharp edge, rough scrub

  • It can be used for agitating dirt on upholstery and all carpets

  • Heat resistant, chemical resistant, shock resistant, well priced

  • Also great for scrubbing grout and removing chewing gum

  • A stiff upholstery brush that will last for very long periods of time

Stiff Upholstery Brush - Where to use

A heavy duty professional stiff upholstery brush suitable for all types of rough scrubbing. It is very popular with the carpet & upholstery cleaning industry but it can be used for all types of cleaning projects. The brush is manufactured from industrial strength plastic components and is nearly impossible to break. One of the edges of the handle is very sharp and can be used for scraping chewing gum or all types of adhesives and silicone. The brush bristle is manufactured from heat resistant synthetic fibres. A proper scrubbing brush for all types of heavy duty scrubbing projects.

Stiff Upholstery Brush - How to use

The upholstery brush will work very well if the surface is wet. If you are cleaning deeply impregnated dirt inside the fibre, you should apply a pre-spray treatment to soften up the dirt and then use the stiff upholstery brush to agitate it. Do not use the brush on very fine or sensitive fibres. For such projects please use the soft upholstery brush. The sharp edge can be used for removing chewing and all types of silicone/adhesives without the risk of scratching the surface. Use the new stiff upholstery brush to scrub upholstery, grout, carpets, all hard to reach corners, natural stones, etc. The stiff upholstery brush will not wear off and it will not soften up over time.

Use proper professional tools and equipment to reduce your workload, to work faster and save money in the long run. The difference between people that make profits and people who don`t, is the equipment used.

Stiff Upholstery Brush

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