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Chimiver Oiled Floor Maintenance Kit 

  • A full kit for daily cleaning and regular maintenance of all oiled & waxed wood surfaces

  • The kit contains 1L of oiled floor cleaner, 1L of oiled floor maintainer and one cloth

  • Compatible with any wooden floor / surface that was sealed with an oil or a hard wax 

  • Both products are highly concentrated and suitable for commercial & residential use

  • The oiled floor cleaner can be used in conjunction with a spray mop or a standard mop

  • Effective against impregnated dirt, grease, fats, food residue, saliva & other body fluids

  • The refresher will restore lost sheen and will maintain the existing finish in good shape

  • All oiled and waxed wooden floors require regular maintenance to protect the oil / sealer

  • The product will not create an artificial glazing and it will not alter the original look / finish

  • The maintenance kit is sold with a top quality microfiber cloth for refreshing furniture

  • All Chimiver products are eco labeled and safe to use around the food preparation areas

  • Dilute the oiled floor cleaner 1 to 100 before use | Same with the oiled floor refresher

Chimiver Oiled Floor Maintenance Kit  | Why Use It

Chimiver has created a professional kit that enables the user to use the most appropriate oiled floor cleaners and oiled floor refreshers for their particular floors. The products are compatible with all oiled floors regardless of brand. Buying a full kit also works out cheaper. Inside the kit you will also find a user manual that will explain to you in detail about how to use the product to clean and refresh your oiled floors.

Chimiver Oiled Floor Maintenance Kit | Where To Use It

You need to make a difference between the oiled floor cleaner and the oiled floor maintainer. The floor cleaner is the product to use on a daily basis to clean the oiled floors while the maintainer is a protector that can be used once per week to refresh and seal the oil or the hardwax oil.

  1. Chimiver Lios Kronos | The cleaner | This product is a premium quality oiled floor cleaner and oiled floor maintainer.

  2. Chimiver Lios Soft Balm | The restorer | This product is a restorer and a refresher for all oiled and waxed wooden surfaces

You can use the new Chimiver Oiled Floor Maintenance Kit to clean and maintain all kinds of wooden surfaces that were sealed with an oil or a hardwax oil. All the products that come with this professional oiled floor maintenance kit are suitable for indoor use only. It can be used on all wood floors, wood worktops, wood furniture, wood toys, wood skirting boards, wood profiles, etc. Not compatible with varnished floors or artificial | natural stone tiles.

Chimiver Oiled Floor Maintenance Kit | How To Use It

You need to select the most suitable cleaning system. We would highly recommend you to use the new Alfred Spray Mop in conjunction with any oiled floor cleaner. By doing so, you prevent over soaking the floor and over using the product. Dilute the oiled floor cleaner 1 to 100, or less, depending on the condition of the floor. Then proceed to wash the floor with a semi wet flat mop head or a semi wet mop head. Move along with the fiber of the wood. Some badly impregnated wooden floors might require a number of washes before noticeable results are achieved.

Same process when you are using the maintainer but instead of the floor cleaner, use the refresher instead. The refresher's main job is to repair cracks and imperfections on the surface of the oiled floor. Small scratches on the areas with high traffic can absorb a lot of water and can result in water damage. A quick wash with the outstanding Chimiver Lios Soft Balm and the floor protection is restored again. 

***do not use the refresher on dirty or greasy surfaces. Any residue left on the floor might get trapped under the refresher***

Chimiver Oiled Floor Maintenance Kit | Recommendations

Too much water is the worst thing for wood floors and generally all wooden surfaces. Be sure to use the minimum amount of water possible and alway dry off the excess. Do not wash the oiled floor with the refresher every day. Do not over dilute the product. Do not under-dilute the product. Do not mix up a number of refreshers to prevent a patchy finish. Store the product in a cold and safe place away from kids and direct sunlight. Both products included within this oiled floor cleaning kit are 100% eco friendly and pet safe.

Chimiver Oiled Floor Maintenance Kit

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