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Ramon Proguard Rubber Gloves Medium Yellow

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-heavy duty rubber gloves available for commercial use

-it will last twice as long as other similar rubber gloves

-affordable, light, very durable, highly recommended

-sold in packs of 2 gloves, colour coded, chemical resistant

Protect Your Hands With Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves

Safety is a major aspect of cleaning operations. However, for the janitorial staff to contractors who provide the services on a daily basis, the focus tends to be on the equipment being used, powerful cleaning chemicals, and the reagents needed to get rid of the dirt, stains and odours. Safety equipment comes as an afterthought- probably being pushed forward until one gets involved in an accident. This has resulted in cleaning workers getting some of the highest rates of injuries in the private industry. There are different kinds of safety gear that are required. These range from aprons to protect the cleaner from chemical spills, sprays, abrasives, grease and punctures, protective eyewear to keep them safe from chemicals splashing into their eyes, to the shoes they wear, especially since most of the work will involve operating in wet and slippery conditions. Even when preparing the cleaning solutions, brief contact with dangerous substances can cause irreversible damage. Floor safety signs, on the other hand, come in place to warn the building’s users and prevent accidents from occurring. When it comes to the hands, the constant exposure to a wide variety of chemical increases the levels of risk. For this, protective gloves come in handy- pun intended. For quality and comfort, turn to the Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves. 

Designed to keep your hands safe

The Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves provide an effective barrier against the detergents and reagents that are used during the cleaning process. That way you can proceed to use those powerful cleaners required when tackling the stubborn stains and heavy dirt build-ups, without risking skin irritation or chemical burns.  They also aid in protecting your cleaning crew against biological contamination- which is a major threat when working in areas like washrooms. The last thing you want is to have your personnel falling ill because of situations that could have been easily avoided. Incorporating the Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves into your cleaning arsenal has the welcome benefit of increasing worker morale, as they see that you’re invested in their safety as well. 

When using gloves, comfort is key. You don’t want cases of the cleaning crew taking off the gloves because they were uncomfortable. This is avoided with the Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves. The units come with a lining of soft cotton flock, making them comfortable to wear. The lining also comes in handy to absorb one’s sweat, which would have been an inconvenience. Thus, the cleaner gets to use each pair of gloves for longer before having to take them off. Even the dexterity is maintained, with the fish scale grip pattern that is on the gloves’ fingers and palms. This is particularly key in preventing the equipment being used from slipping out one’s grip, especially with the wet conditions that are typical of the cleaning process. You get this without straining your budget, as the Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves come at a pocket-friendly price. 

Colour coded

These janitorial gloves are colour coded. They are available in blue, green, red and yellow options, allowing them to be used in line with the cleaning setup that you have in your establishment, preventing cross contamination. That way, you can have a set of Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves assigned to the restrooms and bathroom areas, a different set for the kitchen and food preparation zones, another for the low risk areas like the workspaces, corridors and reception areas, and a different colour for the clinical areas. Such systems are implemented across the various industries, from hospitality, hospitals and nursing homes, the retail sector in malls and stores, clubs and entertainment venues, to schools and government facilities. The colour coded cleaning system that you choose to use will be based on your personal preference. Incorporating the Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves into the set up will enable you to maintain consistency and high hygiene standards for your cleaning operations. 

Extra safety measures to take when dealing with the cleaning chemicals

  • When working with dangerous chemicals- especially those emitting fumes vapours during the cleaning process, ensure that the area is well ventilated. 

  • As you prepare the cleaning solutions, pour the chemical agent into water- not the other way around. That way, in case there will be splashes, it will be of the diluted solution, and not the concentrated product. 

Protect Your Hands With Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber Gloves

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