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Maid Tidy Carrying Tray

-professional Maid Tidy Carrying Tray

-suitable for heavy duty commercial use

-affordable, light & time saving tool

-highly recommended for office cleaning

Managing Your Cleaning Arsenal With The Maid Tidy Carrying Tray

Carrying trays are designed to bring convenience to the cleaning process. By having the frequently-used supplies in one location, you get through the chores much faster. When getting the carrying tray, there are different factors that you should consider. Take the size for instance. Can the unit hold the cleaning supplies you intend to put in it without them falling out? Organization also comes into play. This is through the different pouches or separators, to keep the chemicals and cleaning tools from each other, and enable you to stock up well.  What of the weight? Since it will be carrying numerous items, you don’t want too much extra weight brought on by the carrying tray itself. A lightweight weight construction will make things easier for you. Then there is the handle. You will be grabbing it for multiple times during the cleaning process- and carrying it from one point to another. Hence, the handle should have a firm grip, and sturdy nature needed for the task. 

Value Of The Maid Tidy Carrying Tray 

This unit enables has the capacity needed to hold the cleaning supplies that are frequently used, enabling you to carry them with you as you move from one room to the next. That way, you will not be forced to keep going back to the janitorial closet whenever you want to grab a cleaning cloth or brush, or top up with the cleaning solution that you were using. You can use it to carry the concentrated and diluted cleaners- like in their spray bottles, the microfibre cloths to be used for dusting or wet cleaning purposes, brushes- from the hard-bristled options that are used on the flooring and similar hard surfaces, to the soft bristle units that can be used to work on the more fragile installations, sponge-scourers that come in handy when you want that extra scrubbing action and absorbency, to the glass cleaners and all-purpose cleaning solutions. 

With the Maid Tidy Carrying Tray, sorting the items used will be easier. It comes with partitions, that way you can separate the different cleaning tools and solutions as you go about working on the various areas of the building. This product comes with compartments, and it also features a sturdy carrying handle- which is particularly important as you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where the handle fails and the contents get sprawled all over. With the Maid Tidy Carrying Tray, you won’t have to worry about that.  

Different tools can be carried in the Maid Tidy Carrying Tray compartment, including: 

  • Cleaning agents

These range from the concentrated products and all-purpose cleaners used for everyday situations, specialised formulations like descalers and stain removers that come in when tackling those stubborn spots. The spray bottles of those formulations can easily fit in the Maid Tidy Carrying Tray, and when needed you simply reach for it and spritz the cleaning agent onto the affected spot, and put the bottle back into the carrying tray. 

  • Disinfectants

These come in when you want to destroy those colonies of pathogens that are building up on the various surfaces. Include a disinfectant among the cleaning arsenal housed in the Maid Tidy Carrying Tray as you move from one room to another, to have it on standby. 

  • Cleaning cloths

From microfibre cloths that are used both dry and wet for their superior cleaning action, where they can even pick up microscopic particles from the surface, terry cloths or specialised polishing units which come in handy to restore the sparkle to your surfaces- toss them into the Maid Tidy Carrying Tray, that way you can bring them along and whip them out whenever needed. 

  • Brushes and scourers

There will be scenarios when the chemical cleaning action of the detergents will need a boost from the mechanical power of the brushes and scourers. When you have them in the Maid Tidy Carrying Tray, you won’t need to stop everything and go looking for the tools. You can even bring along the sponge scourer, a product that combines the absorbency of the sponge on one side and the abrasive action of the scourer on the other. 

The Maid Tidy Carrying Tray is a low maintenance product, and keeping it in top condition is a breeze. Simply give it a good scrub every other week to remove the gunk that may have been left behind by leaking products, plus the everyday dust that will have accumulated. 

Managing Your Cleaning Arsenal With The Maid Tidy Carrying Tray

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