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Plastic Red Bucket

  • Professional quality universal plastic red bucket

  • Manufactured from heavy duty plastic materials

  • Highly popular with the carpet cleaning industry

  • Shock resistant, heat resistant, very long lasting

  • Fitted with a heavy duty stainless steel handle

  • Suitable for domestic and commercial cleaning

  • This bucket is great for filling up solution tanks

Plastic Red Bucket - Where to use

Finding a proper quality bucket to fill up solution tanks or to use for general cleaning chores is not easy at all. Low cost cleaning buckets crack easily and melt in contact with hot water. Our professional plastic red bucket is the ideal solution. The bucket is manufactured from heavy duty shock resistant plastic, heat resistant plastic and it is fitted with a heavy duty stainless steel & rust proof handle. The bucket can be used by the carpet cleaning & sofa cleaning industry for filling up solution tanks or to remove waste from the waste tanks. Its specially designed lip will ensure no spillages or splashes. The plastic red bucket can be used for general cleaning projects as well, gardening and any other way you want. 

Plastic Red Bucket - How to use

Have you attempted to fill a carpet cleaning machine solution tank with a plastic bucket that has no special lip for pouring liquids? It will spill all over the place and you will wet the floors. Our red plastic bucket does not have such issues. Just fill up the bucket up to the top marking and pour the solution in. No spillages, no splashes & no waste. The plastic red bucket is not affected by heat, harsh chemicals or UV light. 10 L capacity is the ideal weight. Big enough to fill up any tank fast but not too heavy to cause back pain.

Invest in a plastic red bucket right now and work faster and better. A proper quality professional plastic red bucket will outlast all other cheap buckets and prove to be a great investment

Plastic Red Bucket


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