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Amtico Dressing 1L

  -beautiful satin finish floor polish -it will protect your floors from scuffs, markings &…

16.00 € + 23% VAT

Amtico Stripper

  -low odour and low fumes -powerful and efficient -removes most types of floor polishes -can be…

12.00 € + 23% VAT

Amtico Maintainer

Amtico Maintainer -neutral amtico floor cleaner -safe to use on sealed and unsealed amtico floors -cleans…

9.90 € + 23% VAT

Amtico Spillage Remover

Amtico Spillage Remover Ready to use amtico spillage remover. It will remove most types of spillages…

9.99 € + 23% VAT

Natural Stone Gloss

Natural Stone Gloss Natural stone gloss containing a unique blend of Acrylic Resin and Co-polymers ,…

17.00 € + 23% VAT

Karndean Stripper

Karndean Stripper 750 ML Professional kardean floor stripper . It can be usedv for removing polish and…

16.00 € + 23% VAT

Karndean Routine Cleaner

Karndean Routine Cleaner 750 ml Professional karndean flor cleaner. Highly recommended for daily cleaning.…

16.00 € + 23% VAT

Karndean Clean

Karndean Clean 750 ml Super concentrated Karndean Clean floor cleaner. Recommended for daily clean of…

16.00 € + 23% VAT

Amtico Floorcare Starter Kit

Amtico Floorcare Starter Kit Amtico cleaning kit. Contain all your need to be able to clean your floors.…

35.00 € + 23% VAT

Karndean Refresher

Karndean Refresher -high quality satin finish sealant -anti slip & anti scuff qualities -affordable…

18.00 € + 23% VAT

Kahrs Floor Cleaner

Kahrs Floor Cleaner -concentrated cleaner suitable for all hardwood floorsfinished with satin or mat…

16.00 € + 23% VAT

Kahrs Lacquer Refresher

Kahrs Lacquer Refresher -protects and enhances the finish of kahrs floors -recommended for kahrs satin…

20.91 € + 23% VAT

Kahrs Spray Cleaner

Kahrs Spray Cleaner -ready to use spray cleaner recommended for all kahrs floors -just spray and wipe…

15.00 € + 23% VAT

Kahrs Maintenance Oil

Kahrs Maintenance Oil -kahrs maintenance oil cleans and refreshes all kahrs floors -recommended as a…

35.28 € + 23% VAT

Amtico Dressing - 5l

  Amtico Dressing - 5l -professional amtico dressing -high traffic satin finish -easy to apply…

65.00 € + 23% VAT

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