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Ettore Aquaclean Pole

€494.39 Ex Tax: €401.94

Ettore Aquaclean Pole

  • Ettore Aquaclean Carbon Fibre Pole is the most powerful pole ever invented

  • Suitable for heavy duty industrial and commercial window cleaning projects

  • Available in 5.4 meters, 7.5 meters, 10.5 meters, 13.5 meters and 16.5 meters

  • Manufactured from light carbon fibre, superior durability, affordable and tough

  • It will not bend even when fully extended and it will not cause bad back pains

  • Compatible with a number of soft and hard brushes and a number of fittings

  • Clamp design has positive locking tabs to avoid unintentional release

  • Tapered bottom clamp prevent snags and keeps the clamps separated

  • All poles are sold with a 30 cm brush suitable for commercial/domestic use

Ettore Aquaclean Pole - Where to use

Ettore Aquaclean Poles are the most innovative, most durable and lightest poles available. Suitable for heavy duty commercial and domestic use. All poles are sold with a 30 cm soft brush. Ettore Aquaclean Poles are manufactured from light carbon fibres and are available in 5 different sizes : 5.4 meters, 7.5 meters, 10,5 meters, 13.5 meters and 16.5 meters. The poles are safe to use and will not bend a lot even when fully extended. This window cleaning pole needs to be used to be fully appreciated.

Ettore Aquaclean Pole - How to use it

All Ettore Aquaclean Poles are manufactured from heavy duty carbon fibres.  You need to keep your distance from electrical cables and electrical boxes. Attach the pole to the source of pure water and start washing the windows moving the pole up and down the window. The pure water will help break dirt apart and gravitation will do the rest. For small to medium sized windows use the 30 cm brush. For large glass windows you can use a larger brush to cover a larger area at once.

Try the new Ettore Aquaclean Pole today. Work faster and work better with Ettore's range of cleaning products and equipment.

Ettore Aquaclean Pole

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