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Optima ‘Glass’ Microfibre Glass Cloth

-commercial & domestic window cleaning cloth

-suitable for cleaning glass, mirrors, screens, etc

-it will create a streak free finish on windows

-40 cm x 40 cm, microfiber, blue, soft, low cost

Bring Back The Sparkle To Your Surfaces With The Optima ‘Glass’ Microfibre Glass Cloth

The Optima ‘Glass’ Microfibre Glass Cloth has been specially developed for working on the highly reflective surfaces. You can use it damp to remove the greasy smears that are on the stainless steel surfaces, then follow through with a dry unit to buff the surface to a shiny finish. It will clear the residue that is on your chrome bathroom fixtures. After wiping or scrubbing them, use a dry Optima ‘Glass’ Microfibre Glass Cloth to restore the sparkle to the surface. Even with windows and mirrors, this unit will be up the task.  You get to work on them without leaving behind any lint or streaks. To make the most of each cloth, it’s recommended that you use one section at a time. Simply fold it in half, then half again. That way, you will have eight surfaces to work with, four on each side. After using a section for a few minutes, refold to a fresh one. Continue this until the entire cloth has been used, or when the cleaning task as been completed. 

One core issue with the traditional cotton cloths was the dirt that got redistributed over the surface when wiping it. This draws out the process, and also causes streaks to be left behind. With the Optima ‘Glass’ Microfibre Glass Cloth, the dirt remains trapped within the spaces of the cloth itself. This is attributed to the strong forces of attraction that are generated between the microfibres and the dirt particles. This is especially because of the number of microfibres within the material. It is these same forces that allow geckos to walk on ceilings without falling off. The microhairs on their feet generate enough attraction with the surface being walked on, such that it can support their entire body weight against the pull of gravity. Thus, the dirt that is picked up by the cloths is not rescattered over the surface as is with the case for conventional cleaning cloths and towels. This makes it a more effective processes, yielding the desired results faster. Used dry or slightly wet, the Optima ‘Glass’ Microfibre Glass Cloth will optimise the cleaning process. 

Make savings

This unit enables you to reduce your leaning expenses in different ways. For starters, it has a budget-friendly price tag. Each pack of product contains 10 of the Optima ‘Glass’ Microfibre Glass Cloths. With the cloths being capable of being taken through up to 400 machine wash cycles set at 90°C, they are a durable option, giving you extended usage out of every unit purchased. When it comes to the actual cleaning itself, you also get to cut back on the amount of cleaning products required for the task. In fact, the Optima ‘Glass’ Microfibre Glass Cloth can be used dry, or dampened with just a little water. After all, its cleaning power is attributed to the physical forces of attraction, reducing the reliance on conventional chemical agents. This has the welcome bonus of being an eco-friendly cleaning process, and you also avoid the need for turning to the harsh chemicals that would release toxic fumes and put the persons on the premises at risk. For homeowners searching for effective tools to add to their cleaning arsenal, to professional contractors keen on increasing their operational efficiency while reducing the costs that are incurred in the process, the Optima ‘Glass’ Microfibre Glass Cloth will be up to the task.

Maintaining Your Optima ‘Glass’ Microfibre Glass Cloth

The cloth should be rinsed with warm or hot water after each use. This will remove the grime that has been picked up during the cleaning. After the rinsing, the cloth will be ready to use again. Once a week- or more frequently if there are plenty of cleaning chores being carried out in the process, or if you’re a professional contractor providing the cleaning services to multiple clients each day, the microfibre cloths will need to be machine washed. First rinse them out to flush out the excess soiling, then toss them into the washing machine. The Optima ‘Glass’ Microfibre Glass Cloth can be laundered this way for a whopping 400 times, and can withstand temperatures reaching 90°C. Note that you shouldn’t use bleach since it will damage the fibres, or fabric softeners as they will cause clogging.

Bring Back The Sparkle To Your Surfaces With The Optima ‘Glass’ Microfibre Glass Cloth

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