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Craftex Advanced Formula Fabric Cleaner

  • Highly concentrated pre-spray with solvent booster

  • Safe to use on all types of upholstery, sofas and rugs

  • PH 10, dilution ratio 1 to 20, premium oil stain remover

  • To be diluted in warm water and applied with a pump

  • It will soften up dirt and facilitate easy extraction

  • Suitable for domestic and heavy duty commercial use

  • Compatible with all extraction carpet cleaning systems

  • Pre-spray the fabric and allow about 15 min to react

Craftex Advanced Formula Fabric Cleaner - Where to use

Craftex Advanced Formula Fabric Cleaner is the ideal pre-spray treatment for all fancy and soft fabrics. The product will facilitate easy removal of all types of oil based stains that otherwise would require many washes and a lot of time. The product is solvent based and will start working within seconds. To be diluted 1 to 20 in warm water and to be applied within 15-20 minutes before the cleaning. It can be used as a pre-spray for all types of fabrics, carpets, antique rugs and generally all types of very sensitive fabrics that could easily discolorate. Outstanding results guaranteed all the time.

Craftex Advanced Formula Fabric Cleaner - How to use

Using a pressure pump or some kind of applicator, dilute the product in warm water. Apply it all over the surface until the whole surface looks wet. Allow 15-20 minutes for the product to soften up stains and then wash the fabric as usual. There is no risk of staining, reactions, discolorations or any other issues. Craftex Advanced Formula Fabric Cleaner can remove stains that are many years old. Do not use very hot water when diluting and do not over wet the fabric when applying the pre-spray

Try Craftex Advanced Formula Fabric Cleaner and be ready to be amazed. Outstanding quality for very reasonable prices. This product will reduce your workload and it will increase efficiency.

Craftex Advanced Formula Fabric Cleaner 

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